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Greetings my fellow earthlings! I have something extra delightful for ya today: my friend, Stardust! Stardust is a magical woman residing in Los Angeles, CA. A metal worker, writer, comedienne at the Comedy Store, and rocker among a plethora of other things. How did Stardust and I meet? Well through the lovely online community which ya'll are apart of too probably if you're reading this. I believe it was Mr. Daniel Warholy who introduced me to the star herself. We immediately hit it off and have been friends for like 3 years now this summer! Wow! I was lucky enough to get to meet up with her while in LA and she actually housed me while I was out there which was beyond cool! THANK YOU! I think you all will enjoy hearing her Miss Pamela Des Barres story, how she makes her own chainmaille jewelry, and how she published her own book! I really wanted to share this gem with you all! Grab a snack and get to reading! Photos below!

DC: You have such a unique style! What inspired you and when did you begin to create your look?

S: This look is over a decade in the making….I turned to Rock n Roll when I was twelve and went through varying stages throughout my school years. When I was older I went through a life changing trauma/experience and suddenly became obsessed with Miss Pamela and the Doors. When I moved to LA not long after, I was finally able to construct my style as I pleased, a job and extra cash helps a little! The bands Jethro Tull and Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow really influence my style nowadays. I called it Bohemian Warrior. Powerful, velvet, chainmaille and coyote teeth.

DC: You and Miss P are so close. When did you meet Miss Pamela and tell us a little about your relationship with her. S: I met these two people while camping in the desert, Jill and Tim. A couple from LA. Jill said I reminded her of Miss Pamela and I didn’t know who she was…so Jill sent me the book “I’m with the Band”, changing my life forever. I met Miss P on a chilly Dec 8 in 2013, my best girlfriend and I had hopped on the train and made the four hour trip to LA. Two nearly-broke girls from Barstow, dressed as Hippies wandered around the Sunset strip looking for Amoeba Records to attend Miss P’s rock tour of Hollywood. A month later I was her neighbor… I’ve written about my love for Pamela many times and she always welcomes me into her home, I jump to assist her in events and parties as often as possible. I mean I bartend at her house parties, FOR FUN, just because I love her. I love her with all my heart and I feel very loved-always- in return <3

DC: You make some beautiful copper jewelry! How did you start making jewelry and also the chainmail?

S: TwistedByStardust!! Thank you! Funny story…My boyfriend Dimitrius had an old electrical box with all the wiring attached just sitting in the garage and one day I stripped the wire and began wrapping stones. It just kind of took off after that. I quickly refined my techniques and taught myself the art of chainmaille -being obsessed with the medieval and such. I just googled a picture of chainmaille and it formed into a hobby. It’s like Metal Knitting!

DC: So you are a writer too, how was the process of writing your own book?

S: I started my first book when I was twelve and worked on it for the next five years until I gave it up. After the death of a loved one, I began my first published work, Dragon Soul. Took me five years to write, twelve months to edit before I sent it to my editor friend Kelly. A final four weeks of corrections and I then published, for the first time ever, on Amazon. A do-it-yourself to the bone, I even designed the cover and formatted the insides myself. Holding my six year project in the form of the first manuscript was akin to holding a newborn child.

DC: That is so amazing. I am a do it yourself kinda gal so I really appreciate that. Far out.

Starseed magazine recently launched and the party was an absolute blast! What inspired you to create this magazine?

S: Miss Pamela and the GTOooooooos! In 2013 I did a home made photo session of my hippy wardrobe, and called it Hippy Things. I always wanted to turn it into a catalog. Fast forward to April 2018, by now I was immersed in Pamela’s life and the crowds that surround her and the “groupie” world. I met all these FABULOUS women- such as yourself and Breezy- and I saw the GTO’s next gen. As we all met on instagram, I wanted to bring that online community into the physical world via a magazine. Classic, 70’s and 60’s themed, Hippy things became Star Seed.

DC: What do you look for when looking for future writers/ artists for Starseed Magazine and how can people submit their work?

S: I look for those who live the style and music of the 60’s-70’s- and 80’s. Groupies, designers and artists, it has to be something one feels and not simply a “look” or fad. A lifestyle. The community that draws me, or us all together, is…this inner feeling of time travel, music and purpose. A love for the era of free love and musical revolution, psychedelia, creativity, and color that came before us. Strangely, with the help of cyber space, this community of like minded and hearted people came to be. This rebirth of the 60’s and 70’s, in essence. Anyway, if you understand any of that, email me at , show your IG, and all me what being a groupie or living/loving the 60’s/70’s means to you. I have limited space so no one should ever feel bad if not chosen. The more who write me, the longer Star Seed goes.

DC: Rad.. now, I’ve heard rumors about you creating a YouTube channel... please tell me this is going to happen?!

S: HA HA! A weed product review channel! Set in a room of colorful hue with scarves, fishnets and corsets…and weed. However, my dreams of this were recently altered by a promotion at work (a pot shop). All of this free time I used to have suddenly vanished… but you never know!

DC: Fingers crossed! So I know we like the same music, but I’m curious what your top 5 bands/artists would be.

S: It has taken me SO LONG to narrow down my list of favorite musicians and bands...It still changes. My top bands are Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Rainbow, Tenacious D and the Doors. Next my favorite musicians are OF COURSE David Bowie, Ian Anderson, Robert Plant, Pavarotti (an AMAZING opera singer) and OZZY (also Jimmy Page and Jim Morrison). I would also like to ad that I’m in love with Ozzy Osbourne...I love him so much.

DC: Killer choices. I looove your style! What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?

S: Going for hikes! Rock Climbing and working on my novels and jewelry while in nature. It feels right. Smoking a joint in the process. I’m always working on something, and always jamming to music. I’m always inspired and rarely at rest, that’s why I smoke weed, to relax.

DC: What is your goal for 2019?

S: Release more issues of Star Seed is my first and current goal. It’ll take years to finish another novel but I can do an issue of Star Seed in a matter of months. Make more jewelry, attend Miss P’s Doll Con in Vegas, try to travel more, MEET OZZY OSBOURNE, all while selling weed full time.

It’s going to be a busy year. . . .

Stardust in the wild taken by & for Stardust

Stardust wearing GroupieU



Stardust with me and Olivia in LA!

Left to right_ Selina, Olivia, Stardust, me, Amanda. Bottom: Breezy

The gang at the Rainbow in Hollywood for the Starseed release

Stardust captured by me in LA

Left to right: Amanda, me, Olivia, Breezy, and Stardust outside of the Monty in LA

Thank you so much, Stardust, for coming on to tell me and everyone else a little more about yourself. Thank you SO much for letting Olivia and I stay in your palace while we were in LA! It was such a huge help and getting to spend quality time with you was the BEST! I can't wait till next time-- and you have to come see me! Then I can repay you and play hostess. WE WILL TAKE THE CITY BY STORM! -- but come when it's warm because right now it is miserable. HA! Love you so much.

Now thanks to all of you for stopping in and reading this lil interaction. Stardust is an actual star shining in the night sky. I adore her and you all will if you don't already. Do you guys enjoy these interviews? Not that I'm going to stop, because I sure love em! Let me know who YOU think I should feature.

Ps. I am seeing the Lemon Twigs tomorrow. oh my goshhhh! SO EXCITED. I am going to meet them, I have to. So thats gonna be a thing. I am listening right now just totally getting pumped! EEEE

Lotsa lotsa love,

Dev xox

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