Shrouded in Silk

Hello beauties!

My my my how it's been FOREVER since I've written to you. I have missed it and I am feeling re inspired. Today is Friday and I am going out later with some friends downtown but I am sitting here already ready because I thought I had to work today and then I ended up not. So instead of changing into a more day time outfit I decided to take some photos and tell you all a little about what I'm wearing tonight. I really love dressing up in the winter because you can wear giant coats to cover up your cute little outfit underneath and it's like a big reveal to see someones fab outfit when they take off a nice big jacket. Idk.. is that weird? Anyone else get excited to see what everyone is wearing when you go out? Anywayyyyyyy, tonight I am wearing a very very special item to me-- perhaps even, dare I say, my new favorite item! It is a LOVELY 1970s silk top made for the Ebony Fashion Fair runway by Bill Blass. I discovered the item at my friend, Marydee's, tag sale for her shop-- Saffron Vintage (she always has some SICK designer vintage). I spotted the crimson silk blouse and immediately fell in love. Although I had a pile of clothes in my hand to try on, I knew that was what I was taking home. The crimson colored called to me, surprisingly, because despite what my name may have you believe, up until recently I haven't really been into wearing red. I think this is the year I am embracing the crimson-- in many ways. It represents a lot of what I am hoping for myself this year-- so perfect that this is my first blog of 2019 lol... HAPPY NEW YEAR! Besides the color, I also love the gold beading detail along the neckline, pussy bow collar, the cuffs, and around the top of the sleeve by the shoulder. It is definitely glam rock with the coattail style back and button closures all the way up starting at your waist. I am so excited to wear this out which may partially why I am still lounging around my house in it. I decided to pair it with my black hotpants style shorts, black ribbed tights, and gold 1960s shoes! For a final touch I added some little gold earrings and later I'll throw on my giant faux fur jacket and some gloves to stay toasty. Photos for y'all are right down there... I had some fun taking these. Hope you enjoy & have a superb weekend.


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