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Today I bring to you an interview I did with the design mastermind behind the great up & coming brand, Mind Flowers, and one of my best friends: Olivia Cupp. Olivia and her boyfriend/ photographer/ graphic designer/ stylish dude: Jairo are launching a full clothing & jewelry line which I'd describe as a fresh take on classic looks-- TODAY! I am so stoked to have been a part of this process and to have watched the creative ideas become a reality. From the initial description of Olivia's vision, to the fashion show, and then the final photoshoot I think they really nailed it and a big thanks to everyone involved. I really feel like I have the best friends in the world and the coolest ones too! So inspiring to me and millions of others like me to come! Congrats to Olivia and Jairo. I am such a fan of their work-- I really think you all will love it too! Olivia designs her clothes to be as sustainable as possible and uses mostly recycled materials! Pretty sick, right? Guilt free fashion!

Without further delay, here it a little about the collection by Olivia and make sure to check out the interview I gave while her earring designs were being laser cut!

Mind Flowers:

An online clothing boutique specializing in socially conscious, far out and funky designs suitable for all Misfits.

Behind the collection

The destruction of the self and the beauty that grows from the ashes.

Tease me,

Please me,

Make me feel,

Cry to me,

Lie to Me,

I won’t heal.

Panic, Manic,

I feel alone.

Trapped in here,

nothing grows.

My anxious fears you all

You bled my soul from yellow to blue.

Scars formed,

No one cares.

Mild depression,

She’s not there.



Tortured Soul,

A sorrowful cry leaks into the


The universe replied,

It’s not your time.

A seed of peace to fill the


Trust yourself,

Love yourself,

Not everyone will leave.

Carry on,

And the mind will flower.

Remains of despair

Crushed by life.

Petal by Petal

Embrace the


Share your love,

Begin to feel,

From the Earth

You will,


D:How did you first get into fashion?

O:So, I guess my first interaction with fashion was with my sister. She really pushed me a lot to be different in what I wore and what not. It began to take on a larger presence in my life, I'd say, in 6th, 7th, 8th grade. I began sewing and it's just progressed ever since.

D:When did you start Mind Flowers?

O:What many people don’t know about me is that I have heavily struggled with anxiety and depression for my whole life. I realized that this sourced from how I viewed myself, and I never truly addressed it. About two years ago I was in a really bad place that shot me right back into this extremely depressive mindset, The day of New Years Eve I was dumped, had a mental breakdown at my work and lost my job. My self worth was depleted and I just wanted it all to end. Before this time the book “Milk & Honey” by Rupi Kaur was all over social media so I so I bought it and left . Behind this book of poetry is a strong and powerful woman that had the courage to take all the pain and hate that had built up and transform it into something beautiful. I related and I used it as motivation to dive full force into my own creative mind. Our minds are fertile, our thoughts and emotions like seeds that we nurture on a daily basis, when we let love lead we allow the mind to flower. Mindflowers is the love child born out of the ashes of who I once was.

D:What/who are your main inspirations?

O:All of my design inspiration is pretty much drawn from music, and it bounces around between like three main times and music genres and like style genres. And it's all pretty vintage... like vintage rock, hip hop, and punk. So it's pretty much like a combo of all that. I'm really into streetwear, and that was like my first path into fashion design. It's kind of evolved since then. It's not what most people in Chicago consider streetwear; but it's like a streetwear version of out of another decade or out of a different scene in a different area of the world, I guess. And then I love color-- and whatever I am doing, wherever I am; I love environment. I like to surround myself with people and places that are joyful because I feel like a lot of my designs have like a joyful presence.

D: Yeah, that is all so great and true for me too. Do you have a specific designer or brand that you really love and look up to? Or is it more just fashion in general.. where ever the inspiration comes from?

O: Yeah, yeah.. more of from all over. I do have a couple faves like Alexander McQueen, but I find that I draw more inspiration from the different pieces from all different kinds of designers. I can love one specific piece by a designer and then not really have a taste for the others. Its' just making my own eclectic mix.

D:Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

O: Ooooh... in 5 years Mind Flowers will have taken over the world! That's what we write on everything.

D: Yeeees! I pledge allegiance to Mind Flowers...

O: Hahah yea! But hopefully, selling my own stuff consistently enough to wear I can profit off of my own art and continue to get freelance jobs so that I can do what I want, when I want as opposed to making designs that I don't really like for someone else cause I don't see how I could do that...

D: Right. For a true artist that is soul crushing. So, what is the biggest struggle for you as an up and coming designer?

O: That. Not making money! Luckily Jairo is so supportive-- he is like that best thing that has happened.

D: It is hard to get somewhere without that. You two are so sweet. When is the full collection available for purchase and where can one view it when it drops?

O: Well actually this Sunday, the 19th, we should have the full collection up! It will be for sale on our website.

D: Yes, and everyone can stay up to date on all of that with your Instagram, @ourmindflowers

O: Oh yes.

D:So finally, when you aren’t sewing or doing other designer duties what do you like to spend your time on?

O: Um, dance. I like to dance.I am trying to get more involved in that, and some with video work like styling-- not just making things.

D: And it seems to me like you do a little of everything-- like modeling work for Jairo a lot. Multi talented.

O: Yeah, just a little of this and that.

D: That's how you keep it interesting!

Luh Love,


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