Mushroom Cloud

Hello everyone! If you've been around the Instagram world at all lately you may have seen posts about Storm Calysta's debut single titled 'Mushroom Cloud'. When I first heard she was releasing a song I was stooooked because I am so inspired by Storm; before I even knew she was a musician I fell in love with her fantastic eye for styling and the visual arts. Now this latest release goes to prove just how talented Storm really is, as the song was nothing less than I had expected! The upbeat, nostalgic vibe 'Mushroom Cloud' has makes it the perfect summertime anthem. Every time I listen to the song I find something new to love about it-- and that video! Let's just talk about the fantastic pairing of Storm and Ashley Callaghan as they came together to create the music video for 'Mushroom Cloud'. The essence of the song was portrayed beautifully with the intergalactic notes that paired quite nicely with a nod to western fashion. Ok Space Cowgirl, I am down with that! Storm styled the video and co directed the shoot with Ashley who did the filming, as well. The song was co written by Storm and Chris Greatti of Blame Candy, and is now available for your listening and viewing pleasure! You can download 'Mushroom Cloud' on Apple Music and Spotify. Now be sure to show Storm some love!

Always love,


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