Day 3 & a GLACIER | 1 Boat, 5 Ports, 7 Days

Tuesday June 12, 2018

Another early day because today was the day that we docked in JUNEAU! I was very excited to check out the city so we went straight to it, catching a shuttle from the dock and into the downtown area. We walked along the shops, stopping in and looking around once in a while. Eventually, we ended up walking up this huge hill and into the woods a ways, crossing a wooden bridge, and ended up in a state park type thing. Since we were there, we went for a little hike up the mountain and got close to reaching this tram that people could ride up and down the mountain as like a paid attraction! There were some insane views though and the hike itself was beautiful. When we decided to head back down the mountain I looked up some antique shops to try and find a little something to get to remember this trip by. Sadly, nothing spoke to me but it was fun to look anyway!

It was time to board the ship and the guys had sound check so Andrew and I made our way back and went to the theater. That's right, today they performed in the theater instead of the Cavern Club and you know what that means-- early set! I met with Billie again and we found some seats with a perfect view after getting our drinks from the bar! The guys looked so great up on the stage performing and the crowd really seemed to be having fun. Billie requested that they play Please Please Me and Tyson so kindly dedicated it to her. Awww!

The show finished up but the day was not nearly over. Our ship was scheduled to leave the port relatively early that day becaaaause we were going to see a GLACIER! And what better place for us all to view this spectacular sight from than in the hot waters of the jacuzzi! We got changed and met Billie & Tyson back over by the elevators in between our rooms and went up to the bar where Billie picked up some champagne (what a dolllllll)!!! We found the jacuzzi with the least amount of people (one woman and her two kids) and said hello while sliding in. The boat was going through a pretty narrow stretch of water and there were mountains on either side of us which was seriously breath taking. The water was so blue and clear, and there were tiny (well from the boat, actually big) ice chunks floating along in the water which were a light & really clean blue. So stunning. We talked and drank wine for a couple hours. The boat did two full rotations in front of the glacier so you could get a great view from all sides of the ship, and when we started to head out of the narrow straight all the people had left and went back inside. That left us with two totally empty hot tubs, a peaceful deck, beautiful views, and a couple very attentive bar staff members. After chatting a bit longer, taking in the scenery, Andrew was just saying, "You know you're supposed to get out of hot tubs after like 45 minutes---" and a little boy, probably about 12yrs, splashed into the hot tub that Andrew and Tyson were in all like (southern accent idk he was from Oklahoma I felt like there was a lil bit of one), "Ohhh I'm sorrryyyyyy! It's really cold out there!" We were like oh no its cool dude but Billie and I couldn't stop giggling because it was so funny and he was just precious and very talkative. He told us like his life story and then asked how long we've been on the boat and the guys explained they've been on for a while because they are the Beatles on the boat and our friend (ah I don't know if we got his name?) just looked at us all in disbelief. Our new friend was actually quite offended thinking that the boys were lying to him. Our new friend crossed his arms and said, "I don't trust you guys. I told you my whole life story and now you're lying to me" He was very passionate. By this time Billie and I are just barely holding it together. As I'm thinking back on this I'm laughing to myself, actually. We tried to explain more and earn back his trust but he was finished with us! I asked how old he was and he said "I don't like to talk about my age." Ya... same, kid. He turned away and barely said goodbye when we finally decided to remove ourselves from the situation. The whole thing was so funny and just genius with the timing. The rest of the ship he became like an inside joke and we ended up seeing him ALL the time. I wonder what he's doing now... We moved our party to the jacuzzi in the 18 and up area and went to go get crew bar wine (they sell it at the cost it is to buy it to crew members). We stayed there until they told us the hot tubs were closing and planned to go to the local to get some food but once I finished changing back in the room I was out for the night. The day all together was so amazing. Easily one of my favorite days on the ship!

Enjoy the photos from day 3

Love always,


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