Day 1 & 2 | 1 Boat, 5 Ports, 7 Days

Sunday June 10, 2018

I woke up the next morning bright and early, again. There was too much to do and so little time; we needed to make the most of it! I woke up Andrew who was still asleep, after all it was only 7am. We got ready for the day and headed up to get some breakfast and eat in the sunshine on deck. Although it was sunny, it was not warm and the wind was icy. While walking around the outside upper decks of the ship we happened across a go kart track, mini golf course, and an area for laser tag! What kind of ship has go karts?! There were two giant slides, one that hung off the side of the ship and another big enough for two people to ride at once. It was pretty insane but also the thought of using anything besides the jacuzzi in this cold weather seemed pretty insane too. We decided it was enough cold for one sitting so we went back to the room where I could watch the water from the big window and be warm too! The scenery was getting so beautiful andI can't say I didn't cry looking out over the mountains and the ocean. It was so so beautiful.

It was a show day for the guys, two shows both in the Cavern Club bar that was on the ship. This boat always has a Beatle band onboard since they have a room dedicated to the Beatles-- pretty cool, huh?! They started out with a Sgt. Pepper set (well kind of, not all the songs were from Sgt. Pepper but they were in the costumes and did mostly from that album/ era's vibe). It seemed interesting to start with Pepper, imo, BUT it all made sense when (spoiler alert) they played in the big theater on the ship and did the early set then. The first show of the night was at 7pm-- we did sound check before hand and then I went in to find myself a seat. No seat was found because the place ended up being totally packed. Instead, I found a little corner I could squeeze into just enough so that I was out of the server's way. The show was awesome and I love when they wear the Sgt. Pepper outfits because they are so detailed and gorgeous! When they finished playing, I met Andrew outside of the club and we went to go grab some food in between shows. It was seafood day and when we got to the dining area they had piles of crab legs, shrimp, etc etc. Even some giant ice sculptures and chocolate ones next to the dessert. We ate until we couldn't any more and then went to the final show for the evening. They guys had to change and I met Billie in the Cavern Club where we went up to the bar to get some drinks and watch the show together. For the first show she had went to check out the other entertainment onboard, a musical called Havana, that I went to later. I was super happy to have another lady onboard to hang out with, especially while the guys did their thing. We ended up getting along so well and had fun at the concert yelling and cheering really loud-- just being total fan girls. After the second show Billie and I waited for the guys and then when Tyson and Andrew were finished changing we went to the Local (a little restaurant and bar on the boat which was open pretty much always, I think) for a after show snack since Billie and Tyson hadn't gotten to eat dinner. After eating, we went to out rooms to get on our swimsuits, grab some beers from the crew bar, and then find those empty hot tubs under the stars. Once we regrouped and walked over to our previous spot we were surprised to look in and see the water had been completely drained! It was a real bummer but we just moved the party over to the observatory which was located on deck 15 and enclosed by these huge windows so that you could watch the ocean or shoreline from the big cushioned chairs and couches. We sat toward the front of the boat and ended our night by finishing our drinks over a game of movie tennis (which Andrew and I made one bang up of a team for. We don't really know many actors or movies, especially me haha).

Day 1 Photos

Monday June 11, 2018

I opened my eyes and the first thing I did was throw open the curtains to that big window behind the bed and look out onto the beautiful shore of Alaska. We didn't dilly dally a bit getting ready and went straight up to breakfast before heading out to get of the boat for a couple hours in Alaska's 1st city, Ketchikan. The mountains were huge, I didn't expect that for some reason or it just hadn't really sunk in until I actually saw it. I love being in/ around the ocean and seeing the beautiful boats all over makes the scenery even better! The greenery was so lush on shore and there were so many flowers! Walking along the pier we saw tons of jellyfish! Big ones and little ones all just drifting along in the water. Then we saw a giant bald eagle land on the top of a house not too far away from us. Kind of terrifying-- hide your small children and pets! Andrew and I spent the majority of our time in Ketchikan hiking through a path we found that led through the woods and up in the mountains. Breathtakingly beautiful views! For an after hike treat we stopped for some really great coffee at a little stand called Raven's Brew Coffee. I got a Irish Cream Macchiato and Andrew got an iced Mocha Macchiato (he doesn't like hot drinks haha, even though it was cold out). Did you know marijuana is legal in the state of Alaska? Well now you do! We happened upon a dispensary while walking around town and of course took a peak inside. When in Rome, hm?

It was getting about time to head back to the ship so that we weren't stranded at that port. Also, Andrew had soundcheck for the show that night. Just one show this time but "Sgt. Pepper", again. Billie and I met in the Cavern Club for the show again, and I got my personal drink of choice, a Stoned Sour which is just orange juice, sour soda, and amaretto. Simple & delicious. Billie got a gin & tonic, another classic, and luckily we got pretty good seats for the show! Andrew and I went for our dinner after the show since they weren't playing too late and then we called it for the evening watching some movies in our room. Next stop, Juneau tomorrow morning. A new day a new destination. It was so exciting!

Day 2 Photos

Lots of loooove,


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