Boarding | 1 Boat, 5 Ports, 7 Days

Land-ho! Guess who is back in Chicago, well it's me! After a week of living in an absolute dream I am back in the city a little heart broken but also happy to be back. This past week went by so quickly I really can't believe it actually happened. For everyone who is confused- I was just on an Alaskan cruise for a week with Andrew (my boyfriend) who was a guest entertainer on board with a Beatle band! Andrew had been playing on the ship for a little less than two weeks before I got there.

My flight to Seattle (where the cruise ship left) was on Friday June 8th and Elisabeth (Andrew's sister) kindly picked me up and dropped me off at the airport. I was quite early since Liz had stuff going on in the afternoon but that didn't really bother me because I was so excited to be getting on that plane. Traveling is so exciting to me and knowing that I would get to see Andrew made it even better. I arrived in Seattle (my FIRST time on the west coast) at about 11pm Friday night and wandered around the airport trying to find out where to get picked up. By the time I got to my Air BnB it was midnight Seattle time which was 2am Chicago time. I totally forgot about the time change and called my dad to let him know I was safe but was surprised to hear him answer the phone half asleep, "Yaaaaap?" I slept for 5 hours tops that night, waking up bright and early at 5:30 because of the shades (or lack thereof) in my room. I arrived at Pier 66 at about 9:30 and walked around Seattle for a bit while Andrew waited in a line of all the people trying to get off the boat. Seattle was really cute-- the hills and all the fun shops and restaurants. I headed back to the pier and met Andrew with open arms and we went to find something for me to eat. Andrew knows I love seafood and salmon so he suggested we walk down the pier just a ways to Ivar's where I got the Alaskan smoked salmon chowder. T'was amazing, my friends! After that we both took the opportunity to utilize this cellular service before that was no longer an option and call our parents. While we were both on the phone we also ran into two of the other guys; John (plays Ringo) and Bob (plays Paul). We hung out with them for a bit after our phone calls had ended but once noon came around Andrew and I had to go try and check me onto the boat. We got on the boat fine and although there was a slight hold up at the counter, no biggy but we thought because of that we had somehow escaped this fee for me to get on the boat-- later we found out it was just automatically charged to our room even though the paper said all payments made before boarding at the pier. Ohhh well... better luck next time, ey?

We went to our room straight after getting on the boat to finally put down my luggage. You'd be amazed what I can fit in that tiny suitcase! Our room was so cute, nothing huge but the best pillows and really nice storage so you can keep all your stuff put away while your onboard. There was a huge bay window perfect to curl up in and watch the waves. I spent plenty of time in there with pillows and blankets to make it really cozy! We did a little tour of the boat-- Andrew showed me all around. We happened across some fancy desserts and couldn't resist (ehm a reoccurring theme perhaps) so we stopped for a snack and some coffee while we sailed away from Seattle and watched the Space Needle shrink into the distance. I was so tired after traveling and not really sleeping much that night so we went for a quick nap before going to get some dinner. After eating we were just out for a little stroll and ran into Tyson (plays John) and his girlfriend he had along too, Billie @billiesav ! We decided the four of us should meet up on deck for a nighttime dip in the jacuzzi in about 30 minutes and we split up to go change. Once reunited we were so upset to see the jacuzzis with a net over them and a sign that read "jacuzzi closed". Well who's to say we saw that sign? Tyson suggested that if we were to get caught we should just pretend like we only speak German and that seemed reasonable so in we all went. The wind was so cold coming off the ocean but in the water it was perfectly warm and the stars were so bright. We had some beers and got a chance to learn more about each other. We all seemed to hit it off from the start and it was so fun. Billie is from London and is an actress, we seemed to have very similar personalities and I was stoked to have a friend on the boat too!!! After chatting for quite some time, Andrew and I called it a night and ran, soaking wet, inside to escape the cold. Later, Billie and Tyson told us that before they were able to get out of the jacuzzi a worker had come by and yelled, "Oh my gosh!!! Do you know how much chlorine there is in there?! They clean these at night!" Well, we didn't mutate but we all figured they were probably doing something along the lines of that. To be honest, it didn't really teach us a lesson though! Day one was over. I was on the ship and we were headed toward Alaska. Falling asleep that night was so easy since the slight movement from the waves would sort of rock you to sleep really gently.

To Be Continued...

Devyn Crimson onboard the Norwegian Bliss

flight from Chicago to Seattle via Spirit airline

looking out the plane window at O'hare

The Norwegian Bliss at Pier 66 in Seattle, Washington

Smoked salmon chowder from Ivar's in Seattle

elevators in the ship

elevator fun on the bliss with Devyn Crimson and Andrew Bockelman

Devyn Crimson outfit details

More elevator fun with Devyn Crimson and Andrew Bockelman

Desserts. Andrew had the chocolate cake and I had a blueberry lemon tarte

Space needle as we left the port

Andrew Bockelman with some evening coffee

Giant chandelier in the ship

Devyn Crimson on the Norwegian Bliss

Devyn Crimson and Andrew Bockelman on the Norwegian Bliss

Chandelier on the Norwegian Bliss

Devyn Crimson on the Norwegian Bliss

Norwegian Bliss

Norwegian Bliss

More dessert and coffee! Andrew had a chocolate pie and I had some kind of vanilla pudding with blueberries



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