Possibly My Grooviest Outfit Yet

Hey everyone! I've been a little behind on my blog so forgive me, and I leave TOMORROW for Seattle and then on a boat to Alaska where I'll have little to no internet. I really am excited for this little detox from life-- it's much needed at this point can I get an AMEN, ladies!? Ugh, anxiety. I started doing this yoga for anxiety and that usually helps calm me down when I feel like I'm almost completely unraveled. It's just on YouTube I typed in “yoga for anxiety beginners” and it has this breathing technique that works WONDERS. You breathe through one nostril and switch idk I know it sounds weird but it works for me at least, and to be honest I kind of thought all that breathing technique stuff was BS before this. Anyway, I went and stayed with Andrews aunt just so I wasn't alone which I think helps too. I'm feeling a lot better now thankfully and my appetite is coming back too!

I'm all packed up for the trip and it's gonna be chilly so I get a chance to bring out some fall clothes again. I'll probably be able to upload things once in a while, like when we dock in the U.S. but for the most part I will be MIA! I'll be taking plenty of photos though, of course! Gotta love those memories! We stop in Juneau, Skagway, and Victoria BC. This trip should be very interesting all together for me because I've never been to the west coast! Fingers crossed that on the way back there will be some time to explore Seattle a little too! My flight leaves Chicago tomorrow evening and then I arrive in Seattle, go to my Air BnB for the night, wake up Saturday morning and head over to pier 66 to get on the ship!

Before I headed out, I just wanted to share with you all what could possibly be my grooviest outfit yet! Now I know that's a matter of opinion but see for yourself. I'm definitely bringing a version of this with me on the cruise. This day I was in head to toe vintage for a shopping day in Boystown. When I was deciding what to wear that day I really wanted to be a visual representation of the word “groovy”. I was also really inspired by the mega, over exaggerated 60s vibe from Austin Powers. I decided to go with this 1960s dress gifted to me by my lovely friend, Eleanor, which is a really gorgeous deep brown velvet mini with the dreeeeaaamiest lace around each cuff and a big lace ruffle coming down from the neckline. It was a little chilly for bare legs that day and I felt like the baby blue knee highs looked a lil groovier than tights. Plus the baby blue helped the dress to feel less like fall. I needed to brighten it up with a light color and the socks were perfect! My shoes were a gold lace up block heel from the 60s that I got at Very Best Vintage in Pilsen. I thought these kept with the very posh and extravagant vibe the dress gave off. Looking pretty good but not quite-- I wanted it to be more Mod and the outfit needed a little more color so I put on my giant orange disc earrings from Steve Sasco Designs which helped to brighten it up and I liked the light blue with the vibrant orange. My sunglasses were also a vintage gift from Eleanor and went with this outfit so well because the gradient in the lenses is blue! My purse is yet another vintage gift (BLESSED) from sweet, sweet Randi and the inside I got signed from Ann Wilson of Heart so it's my girl power lucky charm now! My eyeshadow was also light blue, just for fun. Xoxo

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