A Day for a Daydream

Recently, I went to a costume drive at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago which was hosted by the Green Theatre Alliance. My cool pal, Olivia, told me about the costume drive and being an collector clothing I had to go! Olivia got a lot of pieces to use in photoshoots & some to use in a collection for Barbie & Blondie (her clothing brand). I found some real gems while at the costume drive, including this top! I was surprised I found so many vintage items at the drive and was absolutely stoked because everything was FREE! How cool of the Green Theater Alliance to host this and allow other artists/ creatives to pick through the piles of clothes & props and receive them FOR FREE instead of throwing them out or just putting them in a thrift store. If you're in Chicago check this group out and if you're not in Chicago see if there is something like this near you! This shirt I found there is in fact vintage and real silk from China! What a find! I was stoked because the light sea green color is really beautiful and the embroidery is INSANE! I wanted this outfit to be very whimsical and like a spring countryside day vibe, if you feel me. I decided to pair the top with a dark brown corduroy mini skirt which is vintage and I thrifted, white tights to keep the look light and springy with the top, and my thrifted cream maryjanes because they're my favorite casual kind of shoe. Accessories are always needed so I thought my straw hat (thrifttedddddd) was a good choice for the look that I was going for and my vintage leather purse given to me by my friend, Randi, which I got signed by Ann Wilson (the lead singer of Heart!!!). Head to toe in vintage and lets just see how much it cost me:

Thrifted Hat: $4

Blouse: $FREE

Skirt: $3

Tights: $6

Shoes: $8

Purse: $FREE

Total - $21

It pays to thrift and put in the time and effort to hunt for clothes! Plus you find really cool & unique things. Enjoy the rest of the photos from that day!!! Andrew, my hunny, is in a vintage top from the costume drive that I found him, a dark brown wrangler jacket and dark brown wrangler pants both from Alcala's (a western shop in Chicago), and his boots are ones that are no longer made but I found a pair in his size and the same style/ color for his birthday because his original pair were TRASHED and he wanted the exact same ones (took a lil time and effort but I found them!)

Lots of Love,

Devyn xoxox

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