Anastasia Chatzka Grand Opening

Today I had the really cool opportunity to go to the grand opening of the Anastasia Chatzka boutique. I had been invited to go a couple weeks back and was looking forward to it ever since I received the email. My friend, Olivia, interned for Anastasia and introduced me to her and her work (thanks, Olivia!!!). I arrived to the new store front and admired the dresses in the window for a moment before heading inside with Cassie, my friend from high school who lives in WI but was visiting me after a photoshoot in Michigan. Walking into the store, I was taken in by the beautiful colors not only on the clothes but in the room too! Purple walls, a golden ceiling with sparkling chandeliers, pink and gold metallic chairs, and a very pink restroom!

Anastasia welcomed us in with champagne and open arms. She looked amazing in her pink patterned skirt, paired with an iridescent silver top and to tie the two together-- pink iridescent boots! Her style was so refreshingly colorful and total eye candy. I loved all of the different patterns, textures, and shapes she used in her designs. I also thought it was really cool that she makes custom pieces tailored to fit each lady perfectly. She was explaining how this is something that is really common for men-- but women not so much. She showed us the white wall with the "building blocks" of the clothes for people who are looking for a custom piece. You pick out the general shape of the garment & go from there adding sleeves, collars, ruffles, etc etc. Against the opposite wall were all the gorgeous fabric swatches, curtains for a quick changing room, and some designs all made up hung on the walls painted purple. The mannequins in the middle of the room were dressed to the nines-- seriously it was all so glamorous and I can really appreciate that. I took some close ups of my favorite pieces and the details that I really loved. I also got measured so I'm excited to see what that is all about! Now enjoy the rest of these cool pics-- also if you're in Chicago go check it out 1001 N Damen Ave.

My outfit included a vintage 1960s yellow mini dress, a vintage scarf with blue flowers tied under the collar, cream fishnets, and cream vintage heels.

La la la la love,


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