Meeting Groupie Queen - Miss Pamela Des Barres

It started out as your average Tuesday. I woke up, made a cup of coffee for me and Andrew, and sat down at my computer to start my work for the day. In my mind, I was planning to work until about 3, go get groceries and make a late lunch, get back to working until probably 8 which is when I'd shift gears and work on one of my own projects to unwind. I had no idea that by the end of the day I would have met a huge part of rock n roll history and one of my inspirations, Pamela Des Barres.

Some of you may know that I am the social media coordinator for GroupieU, Miss Pamela Des Barres clothing line. That being said, I am usually in a group chat or two with her and the other Groupie team members talking about one thing or another. Well Miss P had been traveling around doing book readings and writing classes, and ended up in Chicago on Monday and Tuesday which is where I live! She invited me to go to her writing class on Tuesday evening and I was so excited! I texted Andrew right away and he replied, “Oh wow! You have to go!” He knows how much I adore Miss Pamela and was so stoked that I was getting this opportunity. I got the invitation while getting ready to go get groceries and, as you can imagine, that totally changed my outfit idea for the day! I was rummaging through my closet. I pulled out anything I thought may fit the bill: it had to be vintage, it had to be colorful, and I wanted to wear my new & totally adorable straw hat with a light pink rose that I picked up while thrifting. I had narrowed it down to two vintage 1960s mini dresses, one from my lovely lady Courtney and the other one I picked up in Stillwater, MN at one of my favorite antique malls a couple years back. The first one was yellow and truly eye-catching— it got plenty of buzz when I wore it to Nashville and I was even photographed by someone who enjoyed my street style. The second was one of my favorites as well as Andrews. It’s a full button up the front with a pussy bow at the base of my neck in burgundy with little teal flowers all over. I decided to go with the latter choice paired with my favorite cream fishnets and little cream & black maryjane shoes (of course the hat too)! After that painful decision I rushed out the door, kissing Andrew goodbye since he pulled up to the house right as I was leaving. I finally got to the building and found the nearest place to park. I grabbed my journal and hurried to the front door, gave it a slight push, and looked up to see Miss Pamela Des Barres sitting in a beautiful red vintage Indian tunic and pant set. She looked up and said “Are you Devyn?” I was seriously so starstruck and she looked amazing! She said I looked like Pattie Boyd (AHH)! I went over, gave her a hug, and found a place to sit while meeting some of the other dolls at the class. It was so fun to sit around and write with all the incredible women that were there that night. We shared stories, happy and sad; we inspired each other. Someone else really cool ended up being there as well— Cynthia Plaster Caster! When Miss P told me she was going to be there too I think my eyes got 5x bigger! I gasped, “Are you serious?!” I, of course, got photos with both of them! Ah they were so cute! After the writing class was finished we all kind of sat around talking to one another for a while which is when my new friend, Kristen, gave me a photo of Miss P and the other GTOs with Alice Cooper! (I had mentioned my love for Alice and how he was my first concert at 18) Miss P signed the photo too! I got a Plaster Casters of Chicago shirt from Cynthia and her card. It was actually so cool that she was there because I had emailed her a couple of months back to see if she would be free for an interview, but sadly she said she was totally swamped with her book release that she is working on— I was totally cool with that and just had to ask! I sat down next to Cynthia at the end and she goes, “what are your favorite bands?” Oh my goodness, we talked about our love for the Kinks, the Small Faces… she really liked my choices and told me she was really into the British Invasion too! I told her about my favorite modern bands, the Lemon Twigs and Lucille Furs which I went on to tell her are a Chicago based band and that she should see them if she gets the chance! Then, she told me I needed to check out a band called The Fat White Family from the UK. She said it was the best thing she’s heard since the 60s and that when she first heard it she couldn’t go to bed! It was too amazing! I was totally enthralled by her passion and downloaded some of their songs on the spot. She said their first stuff was insane so I looked for the earliest material that I could find on Apple Music which was from 2012, Heaven on Earth - Single. I also got Songs for Our Mothers, not too sure why exactly I just wanted something else to check out of theirs so I chose that one! Cynthia continued her admiration by saying they were pretty cute too… so check em out! A modern band recommendation from a famous artist and rock groupie!

It was getting pretty late at this point ,so I said my “goodbye”s (Cynthia said to “stay in touch” wow, my heart) and headed out the door. A truly amazing night with some very cool ladies. If you get the chance to go to a writing class or book reading of Miss P’s definitely do! Side story- as I was walking to my car that night, goodies in hand and a smile on my face, I noticed a man approaching me in the direction I was going. I thought, “hm this is probably just another person… However, I am a small girl with stuff in my hands, in a dress— in the dark.” I decided better safe than sorry and just moved over to the other side of the street.. not making a scene or anything, just real casual like. As we passed across each other he looked at me and waved kind of… weird? So, I waved back like hi and my heart was like racing even thinking back on this. I felt like I should turn around and look at him (somewhere I read to look people in the eyes when you feel threatened because then you’ve fully seen them?) Anyway, he was standing still where we had passed each other staring at me. I was like oh hell no not tonight, and opened my phone going to send Andrew my location (something you can easily do in a text to someone!!) and opened my key and stuck it between my fingers. I kept looking back at him and was going to I don’t know... yell, or call someone but finally I turned around and he was going the other way. I RAN to my car after that and locked the doors as soon as I got in. This is a reminder to be AWARE of your surroundings. Trust those feelings— like I don’t know really what he was up to but it was weird vibes, dude. Stay off your phone at night outside, don’t walk around with earbuds in, and have some kind of idea of what the heck you’re gonna do if shit ever hits the fan. End of the side story because the night was SOOO amazing and I am totally fine. Just a reminder because I really do love you. All in all, Miss Pamela was a joy and treasure to meet… I actually got to drive her to the airport the next morning which I will write a little about in another blog post! Finally the visuals— here are some photos from the writing class!

Lots of Love ALWAYS,


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