House of Harlow 1960 x Devyn Crimson

I would love to thank House of Harlow 1960 and Nicole Richie for introducing a couple new staples to my wardrobe and makeup routine! I absolutely adore these beautiful sunglasses! To be totally honest with you guys, I have been looking for the perfect round pair of sunglasses since I took a road trip to North Carolina with my friend, Cassie, and while we were swimming in the ocean a huge wave took the two of us under and my favorite pair of sunglasses were washed away... along with my happiness... and Cassie's swim top ( sorry beach goers!). However, when I opened the sunglass case (I know how nice. I feel so sassy putting my glasses away into a case) I was sooo stoked because these weren't just the perfect size, but the frame is so classy and simple which I love because you can do SO MUCH with that and there is the prettiest little detail on the piece that goes over your nose. They are seriously gorgeous and best of all is that I wore them around pretty much all day today and they didn't give me a headache because of the weight which a lot of sunglass do end up bothering me in that way. On to the necklace--- this is going to become a new "Devyn thing". Lots of you know how I always wear a necklace with Andrew's guitar pick on it, and typically a little heart shaped Tiffany's necklace too,but lately I've just been not feeling it and I feel naked without something there and this is the perfect trade. It is about the same length as my Tiffany's necklace and doesn't take up a whole lot of room which is what I like for my everyday necklaces. I even swapped out the silver chain holding Andrew's pick to a gold one so it matched my new piece! House of Harlow has also collaborated with Urban Decay which is super rad because I love Urban Decay and the items they sent my way were so perfect (wearing it all in the photos above)! The eye pencil made a smudged cat eye look so easy and I love how black it is! Last but so not least-- the 70s esque striped jumpsuit which is a House of Harlow 1960 x Revolve item! I put this on, turned up T. Rex, and danced around my house for like an hour! I can not wait to wear this look out on Saturday to the House of Blues here, in Chicago, which is where Andrew will be playing with Dear John a tribute John Lennon and also Rocks Off (Stones Tribute) will be playing! I am going to probably take some more photos that night so I will upload this post most likely on Sunday--- see you in the future & hello to Sunday April 29th Devyn, I hope you're doing well.

Ok! So it is Sunday like I said-- the show was AWESOME! The House of Blues is such a cool venue with amazing folk art everywhere. Dear John killed it and so did Rocks Off. The place was totally packed and I had Olivia, Jairo, and Elisabeth to boogie with while Andrew played. Here are some photos I took before we left, some downtown at the venue, & then during the show!

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