A Taste of the Schweet Life

Good morning, afternoon, & evening! I have come today to share with you all someone that I think is extremely talented and an absolute ray of sunshine-- Miss Brissa Monique ( @missbreezyschweetz ) of Los Angeles, California. I have been friends with Brissa for quite some time thanks to today's technology and this wonderful underground community that we have here. Some of you may follow her art filled, rock n roll life through Instagram and know how much of a creative genius she really is. I admire Brissa so much for her drive and determination to be successful, and it is truly inspiring to follow along her journey. This being said, it was a no brainer for me to ask Brissa to guest star on my blog and share this amazingly talented soul with all of you! I feel like anything she envisions she can make possible but multiplied by 10! She is an artist, an actress, a vintage curator, rock n rollin woman, and such a kind and caring person. I hope you all enjoy the little Q & A the two of us did together and be sure to go give her a follow @missbreezyschweetz on Instagram as well as check out her wonderful vintage shop , @breezyschweetz. Photos of Brissa's work (styling, art direction, & modeling) are below so take a lil peak ;) & big thanks to Brissa for being a part! X Look out world-- she's a multi-talented, fearless, electric lady!

DC: As an actress, what do you find as your biggest challenge while trying to establish yourself in the industry? B: Definitely have come across a few challenges! Although my goal isn’t to be famous in this industry, I’d just like to have opportunities to make amazing art with like minded artists everyday. This industry can be very daunting, as all industries have their flaws and pressures. Working on projects in Hollywood has been fulfilling yet there have been plenty of times I’ve gone home and asked myself WHY is this aspiration my main goal? Some pressures can make your head spin. ABOUT TO SPILL SOME TEA. An example that occurred to me not too long ago was one of my first face punches of the Hollywood facade. I was asked to be apart and represent a company that was all about women power and under the guise of “women can do and be anything and we support all women no matter what!” So of course I jumped at the chance because that is exactly what I’m for and have always been. Who wouldn’t? Long story short, the photographer and organizer of the company for this shoot, made it perfectly clear I was not a woman to empower other women. And by that I mean, my LOOKS didn’t make him sexually EXCITED enough for him to see me representing a company where “all women are empowered, no matter their looks, aspirations, size etc.” cue the eye rolls. Welcome to Hollywood, Brissa. This is what you’ve always dreamt of! If I had been younger, I’m afraid the naivety would have broke me. So many stories like this come out of the industry, I learned soon after! It took me awhile to process the irony, but once I did I had an epiphany. I started my online vintage boutique called Breezy Schweetz shortly after this particular incident! My shop has been an artistic aspiration that supports all women, all folkx, and helps everyone feel comfortable in their own skin and show their personality through the mutual love of vintage fashion. I love featuring fellow artists as my muses for the shop and creating mini editorials. Visual and performing arts has forever been my passion so I love being able to incorporate that with each shoot! Stay tuned for more! Staying true to myself as an artist has helped me to not get discouraged, for every person you meet with bad intention, there is always someone amazing right around the corner to show you all the lessons happen for a reason. This was one of my very first lessons to be careful who you work with and for, since it can definitely get HOLLYWEIRD. Being a woman of color has also been a challenge, which I sadly say is something I’m used to. Unfortunately, racism is abundant in this country and this industry. I grew up in a town where being a Mexican American was strange in the sense where I never felt like I fit in. I would walk down the street and someone would shout racial slurs constantly. I would love to be on the big or small screen and even onstage for a younger generation to see how far we’ve come. I didn’t see much of anyone that looked like myself on screen that wasn’t along with some sort of stereotype, growing up. I’d like to be a woman of color playing complex roles to continue to show we are worthy and artists DO come in all shapes, colors and sizes and WE ARE ALL WORTHY OF OPPORTUNITIES TO GROW AS ARTISTS. DC: What is your ultimate dream role that you would love to play?Feel free to get detailed!Who would be co-stars? B: I love playing incredibly complex roles! I love a challenge! I guess a dream role would be one where my character goes through an extreme progression that allows me to challenge myself as an artist, and put me in the shoes of a person I never thought I could relate to. For example, Rosamund Pike’s role in Gone Girl and Natalie Portman’s role in Black Swan were truly fascinating to watch. They also seemed so fulfilling to play as an actor. To see a character go through such extremities to the point where you don’t recognize them at the end anymore, that’s a role I want to play. Although, the little girl in me is screaming for an X-men role haha! I’d love to play an X-men too one day, I used to fantasize about it when I was smaller. Badass heroine roles always appeal to me as well. I heard they’re coming out with more of The Office? Another dream role! I guess I have dream roles in all genres to sum it up. Director? DAVID LYNCH! Lars Von Trier. I love the weird and the raw. There’s way too many I admire. I’d mostly want to keep working with small artists though! I love keeping the work pure. An upcoming project I’m beyond excited about will be directed by a baby genius named Kansas Bowling. I’ll be playing a groupie (Not myself ;) I swear!) named Angel and I’ll be acting alongside a counter culture ICON! coming soon. Still pinching myself. DC: Broadway or Hollywood? B: BOTH! I love theatre and I love film. I have a passion for both. I’ve always done both at the same time for years, but lately I’ve only been filming. I’d love to find a new play or performance art to submerse myself in fully. I’m actually working on a film/performance art I’ve been writing for a couple of years. It’s finally starting to come into fruition, but I’d love to find an outlet to let out some scenes onstage as a sneak peek! I’ll see where the wind takes me! DC: What does a normal day look like for you as a vintage shop owner and what shopping tips do you have for all of us old souls? B: A normal day for me is somewhat of an organized chaos. The first thing I do is monitor my shop’s social outlets, and respond to all customers questions ASAP. I’ll then respond to my personal messages for the shop, which consist of planning out shoots with models, scouting locations and just overall TCB. My shop is another artistic outlet for me, (that also allows me to pay the bills!) I shoot and edit all photos myself, and brainstorm art direction and styling constantly. Another thing is I LOVE using my friends as models, as they are all incredible artists! They are all beautiful inside and out and I love the time we get to enjoy each other and create as well. Before I list any items, I double check for quality and accurate measurements. My day usually consists of all of this plus performing or making time for another artistic endeavor. I find it very rewarding when someone finds a special vintage piece from my shop that they were meant to have! I’ll also set aside “inventory days” where I go scouting for new vintage for the shop. I only curate items I personally love plus that I get inspired by to make art! So I see it as every item having a piece of me in it. The days where I go scouting can be VERY tiring but very fulfilling. Some days you’ll find loads of gems and other days only a few. Either way, I see each day as a treasure hunt. Just recently, I got hired as a costumer for a web series coming soon called “Two’s a Crowd” I was able to style the first season with vintage I had for the shop and some from my personal wardrobe! It’ll be a neat way to see the vintage I curated on screen and then be able to purchase shortly after. So stay tuned for that as well! DC: What would your favorite accessory be or favorite item of clothing in your wardrobe? My favorite accessory is this full feathered bag I thrifted for $3! It’s super roomy and light. I call it my “lucky show bag”! I take it to every show and when we go out on photo adventures with my camera. Funny thing is the feathers always fall out wherever I go too. So I leave feathers in everyone’s car, house, and at my boyfriend’s band studio. Everyone jokes they know I’ve been there because of that. I’ve also been told the feathers bring good luck :) I need to send you a feather Dev! ❤️

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