The Kinks So Totally Rock

Ok so I just wanted to address the fact that the Kinks are an amazing band and are way underrated IMO. I don't claim to know everything about them at all so if you're looking for that knowledge turn around haha. This is just an appreciation post because I find myself listening to them A LOT and not just because I like their songs but also because they made so much music and in different styles (kind of like the Beatles in that way). Someone actually asked me to do this post as well so shoutout to @atomic_girl for the great idea X. Really though I think that they have really interesting songs with fun harmonies. I absolutely love both Ray and Dave's voice and Ray's writing is really amazing. I think its cool how a lot of their songs are character based and tell a story-- a lot like folk music will but it's still definitely rock n roll. I love the direction they took with it which I feel like is a totally different one than any other band had. I made up a little playlist for you all on Spotify which I will link here for your listening. These are some of my favorites although there are plenty more so do some exploring on your own as well!

Lots of love,


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