In Bloom

A couple weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to shoot with two new friends, Olivia and Jairo, at their studio in their apartment. Besides being an adorable couple, they make such a great team with Jairo behind the camera and Olivia styling and/or modeling. The two of them had an amazing vision for our first shoot together which was of course 60's inspired with plenty of Twiggy influence. I coordinated with Olivia before the day came for the shoot and brought over a couple items from my own closet, but the styling and most of the clothes were hers from her fantastic collection of vintage clothing. The iconic duo also has their own cool brand called Barbie & Blondie which is all about sustainability and really focuses on clean fashion for the environment (their pieces are far out too, check it!) I can't wait to work with these two again and just hang out because they were so fun and easy to be around! Before we left their place, they so sweetly took a couple shots of me and Andrew together, and printed us off a single shot of me & then one of the two of us to take home with some stickers for Barbie & Blondie and some lovely flowers which are in the kitchen on display right at this moment. Thank you both again so much-- Andrew & I hope to see you at the House of Blues on the 28th! Now, here are some of the photos from the shoot!

Hope you all enjoyed these shots.. I know I had a great time!

Lots of love always,


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