Nashville in a Nutshell

If you check out my Instagram you probably know I just was in Nashville last weekend with Andrew's sister, Elisabeth! Our little road trip down was pretty spontaneous as we both just wanted to go do something somewhere for a little bit. Luckily, Liz was on spring break so it worked out perfect to make a short little 7 hour journey south to music city! We woke up early last Saturday morning and began the drive. The trip down flew by and before we knew it, it was 70+ degrees and the sun was shining! Our first stop was a gas station outside of the main part of the city to freshen up and I needed to air up my tires. After I had played mechanic for a bit we sat in the car, fixing our makeup and enjoying the warm weather with the car doors open. We hadn't really thought much about it until a cop came up to us and kindly suggested in that sweet southern accent to shut our doors and lock them before someone came and pulled us out and stole my precious little beetle (apparently it happens there). We thanked her for the tip and decided to scoot outta there after finishing our faces.

Besides the little scare, we had a great time walking around downtown, seeing all the lights, and listening to music everywhere... literally! The majority of our time in Nashville was spent vintage shop hopping, forget the bars! Nashville has an INSANE amount of cool shops for vintage clothing, and great antique malls too if you're interested in more than just clothes. The food was awesome too... skip the chain restaurants and go to little cafes, breakfast was the best meal in Nashville! Two outta the three nights of our trip we stayed in my car over night, not exactly roomy or luxurious but helps cut a huge cost out of traveling! We did get an Air BnB one night which was very very nice, but the neighborhood was...iffy. Coming home that night was slightly terrifying especially after our little run in with this strange man walking in the middle of the road who had some creepy dead eyed stare that pierced into my soul! We almost turned right around and headed back to the venue of the show we had came from where we watched a friends band play earlier. That show was great though and it was so cool how it ended up. So the band is actually a Chicago band (Lucille Furs) but they were touring and were playing in Nashville while we were there! Sweeeet! They played a fantastic show too! While I was there I ran into a couple other friends (& made some new ones.. the sweetest people, lemme tell ya). I highly suggest Nashville if you're into vintage shopping and in the US-- we could walk around from place to place and hit like 5 different shops. Two of my favorites (not within walking distance, sadly) were Hip Zipper and Pre to Post Modern. Groovy places, my people!

This road trip was a great "wake up and get outta the winter blues" kinda deal and I think it was really refreshing just to get out and do something adventurous again. I feel like I hadn't done that in a while and it really just cramps my style you know? I am a person who likes to go and do and create and all that kind of stuff! So if you're in the same position go and do something even if its a two hour drive away-- make it happen and make it fun. Enjoy some photos from our trip below~

Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip super duper fantastic! And to everyone who so kindly opened their hearts & homes to a couple of kids-- you are magical.

Lots of love,


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