Down On Flare Street

Hello my soul sisters & brothers! As many of you can relate, it's not always easy finding the perfect vintage clothes for your wardrobe. Vintage items are amazing to have but a lot of times sizing can be difficult or the items are quite delicate from years of wear and tear. These are some of the reasons I LOVE to find vintage inspired companies that really capture the essence of the 60s and 70s in their pieces which makes my life a whole lot easier (especially when looking for a specific item). As you can imagine I was so thrilled when I stumble upon the Instagram account for a company called Flare Street based out of Melbourne, Australia which makes some killer flared pants! I am very picky when it comes to vintage recreation pieces because I'm always striving to look as authentic as possible and not a lot of companies pay attention to the little details when designing. However, with Flare Street this is not the case! The rise on the pants is perfect so that the waistband rests right at the smallest part on my waist (I hate when they cut off on my hips, it's just unflattering on me) and the length of the leg was a 10/10 too! I find it really hard to find pants that don't end right above my ankle but these were perfect and looked awesome with a heel as well! The fabric is a beautiful deep olive color on the dreamiest velvet that I've ever ran my hands across! This might sounds weird to some of you but my fellow fashion people will know what I'm saying here-- the weight of the fabric is really nice, like it just feels luxurious! Anyway, I felt so inspired by these flares that I decided to style them three different ways for you all! I picked a solid print because it would be more versatile that way and I am so into olive, but if you are looking for more of a statement piece check out their cosmic flares for some Peter Max vibes or their shimmery glitter flares which are perfect for a night out dancing!

My first outfit was very boho/hippie inspired with an off the shoulder top from Forever 21 that I've had for about 4 years, brown suede booties from Guess, a vintage belt which is huge... like SO thick... I don't get to wear it a lot just because it is massive but it's always such a fun accessory, and then a big floppy sunhat from Target. To add to the boho style I felt some excessive hand candy was a must (rings and a wrap bracelet).

Next up I went for a softer, more feminine look. I am wearing a white lacy tank from Pac Sun that I got forever ago (again sorry) with gorgeous fringe along the bottom that flows so prettily as you dance around. I love hats so here's another big floppy one from a boutique in Harrison, Arkansas that I got back in middle school (I'm a clothes collector-- or hoarder, whatever). My sandals are from Aeropostale and for accessories I am wearing a necklace from when my mom used to sell jewelry like 10 years ago, the random rings I have laying around, a vintage purse from my lovely friend @theshadowing_moon, and then I grabbed this light yellow floral printed scarf to add to the femininity again.

Lastly (although I probably could have kept going all day... talk about inspired) I took some notes from Jim Morrison and broke out the ole vintage conch belt and this black fringed top from H&M and one of their wool black hats to top it off... literal! ;) ;) ;) The rings just fit my vibe yesterday so they stayed again, and my shoes here are some black patent leather ankle boots from Forever 21.

Hopefully this gave you a little outfit inspiration, and I hope you take a look at Flare Street and give them a follow on Instagram because they post some killer content! Thank you again to Nik over at Flare Street for sending these my way! They are an absolute dream & so comfy; perfect for dancing the night away!

Love & some more love,


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