Breaking Up With Blonde

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As lots of you saw via Instagram, I have broken up with my beloved blonde hair color. It's been a long time coming. Going back & forth in my head, should I...shouldn't I? It hasn't been easy. I think of blonde and I think of my favorite 60s girls like Pattie Boyd, Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot, Marianne Faithfull, etc! However the time has come and I am ready to go back to my roots (pun intended, holds up "audience laughs" sign). When I said that I was going back to my natural color some of you reached out asking how I got to blonde from such a dark color so I decided to make a little hair evolution post! We could go back further but for the sake of time we will start in February of 2016. At this time, I had gotten back to my natural color after bleaching it blonde during my senior year of high school & totally ruining it so I had also chopped it really short so it could grow back healthy. Tip: don't be like senior year Devyn-- DO NOT go to your local Sally's, or whatever beauty supply store you have, and buy a big tub of bleach and do a little DIY. My hair was like a yellowish coppery blonde because my actual hair color is a dark auburn and those copper tones are hard to remove. Even my purple shampoo/conditioner weren't doing the trick... just drying out my hair more to be totally honest. So anyway, here's me... all fresh and natural with short hair.

Feb 2016

It wasn't long before I got really bored of this color, and it sure didn't help that I hated my hair this short, so I decided to dye it black. Inspired by my new found love for the Ramones, I went to the store on the way to my friend's house (Cassie, shoutout to youuuu!) and she dyed my hair there at her house. She even washed it out for me... standing overtop of me while I stuck my head under the faucet and the black dye stained her mom's tub-- Sorry Stephanie!

June 2016

Now here's where things get interesting. I bought that specific black dye because it was supposed to be semi permanent... and well it wasn't. I expected that after like 8 washed my hair would be fading back to the original color and everything would be just peachy but that was so not the case. Luckily, one of my coworkers was also a hairstylist so I started going to her house after work and she began to slowly and carefully lift the black from my hair. This is the way to do it pals... find a hair dresser you trust if your hair is dark and let them start the process. I think I went to her a total of three times and she did some bleach washes as well as some conditioning to keep it from becoming frail. Here's the result from August to September, we split up the times I went because you can only do so much to your hair in a short period of time.

August 2016

September 2016

Now we are jumping ahead a little but I couldn't find any good in between photos mostly because I put them all in black & white...probably because my hair was looking pretty coppery. Anyway, I had been buying the L'Oreal Feria Rebel Chic dye and doing this at home about once every month and a half. This is so hard on your hair... just a warning, but I did find it less damaging than straight up bleaching it and I wanted that blonde! During this process I would wash my conditioner out with cold water in the shower to help retain moisture, I did a lot of hair masks (mostly DIY which you can find on Pinterest), slept with coconut oil on the ends of my hair & wrapped up in a loose bun, and I tried my hardest to avoid using heat like blow drying and using hot tools for curling-- instead I would use foam rollers (find those at the dollar store for literally... you guessed it A DOLLAR) or pin curling like the 1950s ladies! This was overall successful, my hair wasn't as healthy as it could be but thats expected when totally stripping the color. At least it was a frizzy mess like my first attempt at DIY blonde.

February 2017

The coppery color was really the hardest part to remove so if you don't have red undertones in your hair feel blessed (at least if you're trying to go to a cool blonde shade). While working at Ulta, I bought blue shampoo and conditioner by Joico which I used like once a week to help the toning process. It really did work too! It was a good investment, but don't leave it on too long because it is drying (and may stain your hair... a lesson from Cassie) so maybe get a deep conditioning treatment to use afterward as well!

April 2017

Finally, this last fall/winter I decided to try something new by adding the auburn back into my hair...even though it pretty much washed out after 4 washes. I started light and then went darker.

December 2017

Here's the darker auburn while I was in the Netherlands but by the time I headed back to the U.S. it was back to blonde... red dyed hair is hard to keep!

January 2018

And now this is where I am, back to the dark brownish red that matched my grown out roots the best! I was just tired of dying my hair and wasting my time & money on it... mostly I'm just too lazy for the upkeep that blonde required! Hopefully this helped out anyone who wanted to know how I got my hair blonde from a dark auburn. (It looks pretty golden here thanks to the sunset)

Lots a love,


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