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Recently, I've had the urge to work with other creators (writers, artists, musicians, etc.) since so many of you inspire me on a daily basis. I wanted a way to share other's work that was a little more personal than a screenshot and tag in my IG story... you know me, I just lay it all out for you guys! To me, it's always interesting to get to know the person behind the blog, the painting, or music and in doing so I feel like I can better appreciate their work by understanding them more as an individual.

I am happy to put the spotlight on @nalliecinnamon now. Nallie is a 20 year old photographer and blogger at from Lancashire, England. She's also a fellow old soul and leads a real rock 'n' roll life with her musician boyfriend who is the frontman of a band called The Keepers in the UK! I took a moment to ask Nallie a few questions I had for her and in our conversation was shown her charming and driven personality. Read our conversation below!

D. What got you interested in vintage style first? What was it that lit the spark?

N. I think the first thing that got me into vintage fashion was listening to the Beatles. It sounds really cliche but I grew up listening to them thanks to my dad and I saw pictures of them wearing cool colourful clothes that seemed to match their sound perfectly! Then I saw how their girlfriends/wives dressed in the 60s and I was instantly attracted to their dresses. I'm quite petite so I already knew that 60s A-line dresses would be perfect for me!

D. Have you ever experienced criticism working as a female photographer, especially in the music scene, and how do you react to those situations?

N. I've had a bit of criticism for being a female photographer, although not as much as I thought. I think it'd get worse if I got more attention but right now, it's mainly odd older men saying things like "take my photo darling!" - something which I notice male photographers rarely get!

D. Besides vintage shops or online resale like Etsy and depop, where do you find your clothing?

N. I find my clothing mostly in shops like Pop Boutique and Cow but I also like looking through little independent vintage shops too! ASOS Marketplace is great for cheap vintage clothes and I've gotten dresses from there for only £10, they're in really good condition too.

D. How would you define your style, specifically, since there were so many different subcultures within the 1960s?

N. I would define my style as somewhere between mod and hippy. I love the shape of early 60s dresses mixed with the psychedelic patterns and colours of 1967 to the early 70s. As I'm really influenced by Pattie Boyd, my style echoes both her mod chic look from when she was younger, as well as her bohemian look going into the 1970s.

D. Who are you inspired by? Not only in fashion but life goals as well!

N. As I mentioned, I'm really inspired by Pattie Boyd, mostly by her fashion and hairstyle but also because she made a success out of her photography and captured some beautiful photos.

Do you have any advice to the readers who may want to dress vintage and any advice for gig photographers/ photographers?

6. Advice to readers who want to dress vintage - learn to know when you are being ripped off! Shops will charge more if something is vintage designer but aim to spend less than £30 on an item and shop around to find cheap but high quality clothes. Also, keep track of your measurements (bust, waist and hips) as listings more often post this due to vintage sizing being different to modern day. Finally, don't be afraid to go out dressed like a 1920s flapper or a 60s mod or a 70s punk! People might stare but just keep being you. photographers - Don't worry if your camera is not a £2000 model -what matters is what you do to get a good shot, not what camera you use to get it!

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope you all enjoy these kinds of blogs. I love to share other people's work since there are so many wonderful and talented people that I've been able to connect with over Instagram.

Lots of love,


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