Ice Queen Of Zwolle

Happy belated Valentine's Day to all of you lovers (AKA everyone!-- you all love something/ someone)! I am still in the Netherlands and actually just extended my trip for 8 days longer so that Andrew and I can have a nice mini get away in PARIS this Monday and Tuesday since they have the day off. I just booked everything last night for our little trip (kind of a headache tbh) and we are all set to go! We will be staying in an Air B&B located just a short walk from Place de la Bastille! How exciting! We are both enjoying the Netherlands and all the country has to offer from the beautiful historic towns to the green countryside. The other day we made a trip to Zwolle for a little adventuring and to see if we could get in on the carnival action that we heard about before our trip. I don't know too much about carnival's history because the locals just described it as a big party where people dress up and drink a lot of beer in the streets... which is pretty much what we saw!


A mystery drink they were giving for free...

Also, I saw this guy that was dressed AMAZING! I really love this style that I've seen a lot over here; it seems to be more common with older people though than the youth which is a bummer. Anyway the style is along the lines of what this guy was rocking that day- round glasses with a black thick frame, fun patterns/ textures, and some funky color usage. This certain gentleman was sporting those glasses (of course), a black beret, a very lush but groomed mustache, red scarf, greyish olive windbreaker, mustard CORDUROY pants, and tan leather oxfords. I loved it but was afraid he might take it the wrong way if I was asking for a photo with the language barrier deal and all. Next time I'll just go for it!

Later on we continued wandering the streets which included stopping for coffee and to look in a vintage store which we happened upon. Andrew and I went inside to look around when he spotted this gorgeous long coat hanging on display. Andrew took it down for me and had me try it on. I asked if it was too much and he said no way... I adore this guy. We both fell in love with it and he said that I really couldn't leave without it, so we got it! I am so happy that we did too because it is so nice and warm. Its giant so it also works as a blanket for in the van and the cold theaters! The guys all say it looks very ice queen esque or like a Game of Thrones character & to both of those I say "yes, please!"

To finish up our magical day, we visited a lovely old church with breathtaking architecture and also found a library that used to be an old church! That was really cool because the place was totally massive and they had a skeleton in the floor... something they found a couple meters from the church/library and preserved for historic reasons; he was bound in a strange position and in a small box with a crack in his skull (very mysterious!) All in all I had a wonderful time, hope you enjoyed!

Photo of me in my big ice queen jacket on Valentines Day. Shoes & dress are also vintage!

Love & love & more love,


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