Amsterdam In A Day

Monday morning Andrew and I woke up early... well early for us still being on Chicago time, practically, since we have to be out for the shows until usually 2am when we finally get home! So our early was like 11:00 and we didn't realize there was a train coming at 11:13 so we had to do a mad dash to get ready and literally run to the station which is luckily just across the street. We almost gave up on that train but decided to poosh after all. By chance, we met up with Jeff and Schuster at the station and rode the first train with them but when we got off at the connecting stop in Amersfoort we missed our train because we wanted to get a snack and some juice...oops! There went our train into the great unknown with our precious little friends. Thank goodness there was another to Amsterdam right after that one, it just had more stops but we would happily take that over waiting an hour in the cold for the next one to come! Those of you who ride trains and buses on the regular--- you are amazing. You have been given some magical gift and talent to be on time.

We arrived in Amsterdam and searched out the nearest cafe to grab some coffee and use the wifi to get our bearings before venturing off into the city. We decided that we really wanted to see the city so what the best way to do that as a tourist without spending all you cash on an uber or something lame... BIKES! We found a bike rental like a block away from the cafe we were in so we downed our cappuccino and rolled out! We got right to the shop as the guy was opening, perfect timing, and after instructing us on the bikes and chatting for a bit about 60s music (he noted the buttons on my jacket) we left the shop with our new mode of transportation. To be honest, I was a little rusty. I hadn't rode a bike in a couple years (at least that I can remember), but Andrew wasn't timid at all so I had to put the nerves aside and go or be left behind in the city traffic. Of course he waited for me but biking in Amsterdam is no stroll through the park and I'm used to backroads for biking. We stopped at shops as we came across them on our ride and went in for pizza when lunchtime rolled around. We did try to visit the Rijksmuseum but it was about to close as we arrived. However, Andrew and I were reunited with Jeff and Steve (Schuster) there but split up again because Andrew and I had to return our bikes ASAP! We were almost late returning them but made it with two minutes left! Somehow when we got the bikes we hadn’t even noticed we were in the red light district! HA! We realized what was up when we saw all the red lights, naturally.

Now bikeless, we walked through the streets to find a place for some dessert and boy did we ever find dessert! Andrew is all about chocolate... and of course I’m all for that! We found a shop with a line right up to the door meaning it’s gotta be good, right? We decided on a chocolate cookie and a massive super duper chocolate cake which was heavenly might I add. The cake was so thick that it snapped our plastic knife right in half! Full of cake and coffee, Andrew and I happily rode the train home after a really amazing day. I’m so happy to have this opportunity and to experience it all! If you ever have the chance to go to the Netherlands, GO!

Always love,


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