Accidental Harderwijk Adventure

Yesterday (Monday) and Sunday Andrew didn't have any shows.. you know what that means? TIME TO EXPLORE! Originally, we had thought the days off were Saturday and Sunday but we were sadly mistaken. We were all set and planned on going to London with our flights booked, hotel room reserved, and Saturday evening plans to see The Keepers (Nallie's @nalliecinnamon boyfriend's band)! Unfortunately we never made it. We had a slight confusion with the calendar and then couldn't get some of our flight money returned so we could purchase new ones at twice the price... ugh. We even looked into taking the train but it was still pricey so we just decided to kick it here, in the Netherlands, for the whole weekend.

Sunday we had a bit of lazy day just to unwind from the crazy week of going to and from theaters all over the country. Later we really wanted to go to Zwolle, a city Andrew and the other guys say is very cool, but the tracks were having some issue that day and since neither Andrew or I speak Dutch we just sat on the train and got off in Harderwijk after going one stop toward Zwolle only to go back to Nunspeet and then the complete opposite direction of Zwolle! It was fine though, we didn't have any solid plans or anything and we will go to Zwolle another day. When our train dropped us at the station we went out and walked/ ran (get a little jog in there... in heels of course. Don't you every suggest I wear flats, nuh uh no way) over to the main little downtown area. I love how these historical downtown areas are pretty much the entire town. It's not just a main street kind of deal where there is one road with some older preserved buildings, but they are everywhere! Even all of the houses! We were pretty much just walking around because on Sunday it seems like EVERYTHING closes. I think that is a nice thing anyway. We walked along the shore until we found a little shack on a peninsula that looks intriguing and also much warmer than being outside so in we went! We were both totally blown away by how cool the place was inside! The dining room was packed with people enjoying coffee, sitting around the wood burning stove in the center of room. The whole place was pretty packed actually and I totally see why since this was one of the only places open and it was SO COOL! I really want to go back there just for drinks because the atmosphere is so great! We sat up at the bar and ordered hot cocoa with rum to warm our hearts and souls, and also so nachos to snack on.

We stayed at the restaurant for a while before it started getting dark which was our que to get walking back through the town and to the train station again. It ended up being a day which was totally unexpected for both Andrew and I but we enjoyed it all the same! We even got some lighting ideas in that restaurant for our future home! If you want to hear about what we did on Monday (hint hint AMSTERDAM) then be on the look out for my next blog post! Coming @ you soon!

Lots of love,


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