With Love From The Netherlands!

Groeten uit Nederland! To be honest I have no idea if thats correct or how to pronounce it. I totally used google translate because the Dutch language is an absolute mystery to me, and mystical in oh so many ways. Nevertheless, I love it here! If you're from the Netherlands just know you live in a very beautiful and clean country. I have really never seen anything quite like this. Every single town we go to or drive through looks like its from a storybook. I used "movie set" to describe it before but it's way better than that. It doesn't seem commercialized although there are plenty of little shops to look through! It's something I could really get used to! I mean the McDonald's that we went to had macaroons and tiramisu McFlurries! We are definitely having a great time and I am starting to feel more settled in after those initial days of craziness!

I landed in Amsterdam at 10:15 on Monday morning with the drummers wife, Katie! I was so happy she made a last minute trip to catch their show in Amsterdam on Tuesday and somehow ended up on the same plane as I did! I kind of nervous about the flight so it made it way easier when I had someone else to navigate it all with me. We left Chicago a little after 4:50 pm which is when our flight was scheduled to leave--- five and a half hours later and one plane cocktail with Katie and we finally touched down in Iceland. We actually got to step outside too because the airplanes weren't connected to the buildings which was cool. When we landed it was like a total snowstorm. I loved it! My first international country to be in was Iceland, who would have guessed. I really would like to go back and actually visit there sometime though because I was flying and Icelandic airline and they had a magazine about Iceland (of course)... it seems like a really cool and beautiful place! At this time is was creeping up on 6am local time which was also the time our plane to Amsterdam left! We had to run through the airport and hurry onto this bus which drove us out to the plane. We walked up the giant staircase onto this massive airbus and I turned around giving a double peace sign (ole Richard Nixon style) to the Icelandic land which just as soon as I said ‘hello’ to, I had to say ‘goodbye’.

Sitting on that plane, it finally hit me as I listened to conversations around me but didn’t understand a word. You’re not in Kansas, Dorthy! We landed in Amsterdam at about 10:15am local time. Once we were reunited in the airport Andrew and I explored Amsterdam with Jeff (the drummer) and Katie for a while until we decided to split up and do exploring on our own until we met up again for lunch. Amsterdam is beautiful, like otherworldly, and so is the rest of Holland that I’ve seen so far. The majority of our time is spent in these massive theaters that they are completely selling out for their shows! Each theater is unique and stunning in its own way. If you’re not following my Instagram story you’re missing a lot of the backstage stuff from these gigs! Check it out.

I’ll continue to keep you all updated and if there’s something specific you want me to talk about whether it be dealing with touring, traveling, dating a musician... etc let me know! I’m an open book and here to let you all into my life.

Lots of love,


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