The Making of a Star

Hey babes! Let's talk Bowie--- 3 words that come to mind for me are "fearless", "innovative", and "untouchable". Everyday, I try to emanate at least a little bit of Bowie's fabulous essence whether it be in my outfit, makeup, or even just attitude. This seems to help me when I am feeling unsure about myself like we all do sometimes. You look at a guy like David Bowie who just didn't give a damn about what other people were thinking. He was unapologetically himself and that is such an attractive quality to posses. Far too often do we (women especially) compromise ourselves and our dreams because we are afraid. We are afraid of what people will say, how people will treat us, or of being pushed into the spotlight even if just for a moment. WHYYY? Why are we so obsessed with being everyone else's idea of "beautiful"or "cool" that we will completely disregard our own wants and feelings? I say enough. David Bowie did what he wanted and that is why people loved him. Can you imagine if he didn't go against the mainstream? He wouldn't be the icon that he has become, that's for sure! I am so over the whole "pretty" thing. Everyone has their own definition of it and no matter how hard you try to appease to each individual you're going to fail. Not every person is going to like you and that's ok. In fact, if you're doing something revolutionary and unique chances are those people are going to crawl out from the woodwork and I think that's a good sign! /Example: I have someone who clearly is not my number one fan... every time I share my youtube videos on Instagram I get a dislike and I have an inclination it's coming from the same person but to be honest, I think its funny! I look forward to that dislike because you care that much to go to every video and hit that button. Devotion!!! If you're reading this: I love you./ If you're comfortable, you shouldn't be. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is how we grow and how we learn. I am not afraid to look ridiculous but I am not oblivious to the looks and giggling from others. Do me a favor, don't take yourself too seriously. I have decided that I would rather be interesting than "pretty" and I think that's a very freeing thought at least being a creative and all. With this in mind I don't feel like I need to wear/do something a certain way because it's what other people think is attractive or what the majority of people do. It gives me the freedom to do what I want and how I want, and this genuinely helps me be a happier person. I don't pluck my eyebrows because it makes my eyes water and it HURTS. I never wear bras because I don't have boobs anyway and I don't feel like I need to strap a bombshell bra onto by chest for the illusion of tits to feel feminine. I haven't shaved my legs in... I don't even know anymore! I used to be self conscious of my crooked teeth but I like them now and I refuse to get them fixed. If I want to say something nice to someone I will say it even if we are passing by on the street and I don't care if people think it's weird. I paint my face with hearts and stars or whatever I can think of and I will go out like that cause why not? These examples may not be your cup of tea and thats cool! You do you and what makes YOU happy. Free yourself of this need to please everyone and when someone makes a comment it's best to laugh it off because what does it really matter anyway? & if you're feeling insecure look at Bowie for some inspiration. He wasn't always "pretty" and not everyone was a fan, but he was unforgettable. Being unforgettable and interesting is what makes an icon and I'd much rather be iconic than a pretty face. Being an individual is true beauty.

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