Just Sayin' "Hello!"

Guess who's back from the dead...it's me! No but really, so sorry I've been neglecting you all but I have been a bit under the weather. Nevertheless, I am stoked to be upright and able to write a little for you all. Currently, I am in Wisconsin since my mom drove down last Friday to picked me up since I was so sick and Andrew is in the Netherlands as many of you know (he's touring!). I'll be staying here until this Saturday when I fly back down to Chicago from Minneapolis only to get to go right back to the airport on Sunday evening to take off for Amsterdam! It's all very surreal yet but I am looking forward to seeing Andrew again. For now though, I am enjoying this time with my family! I'm SO grateful my mom drove down SIX HOURS to come and get me only to turn right around and head back north once we had picked up my prescription. The love of a mother is like no other, and you can quote me on that! I am really hoping I feel well enough to film before I leave here because I think it would be really cool to do a vlog/ tour type video of my hometown and I need to do my Salvation Army thrift lookbook before I head overseas! That lookbook was supposed to be done last week but trust me no one wanted to see me then. My parents house is a great place for filming because mom is quite the interior designer and the windows here are HUGE--- hello natural light, am I right ladies?! Right now we are in a huge blizzard which will make for some great outside shots later too! Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and let you all know what's shakin' since I've been rather MIA. Oh- February 3rd & 4th I'll be in Paris (an absolute dream of mine) and on the 19th & 20th London/ Liverpool! I am so excited and who knows what will happen when it's time for me to head home... if I don't have any obligations in Chicago I might just stay somewhere in Europe or start out on a good ole U.S. road trip when I arrive. If you're looking for adventure hit me up!

Lots of love forever & ever,

Devyn Crimson x

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