Channeling Edie

All of you sixties lovers know Edie Sedgwick and her tragic "poor little rich girl" story. For those of you who are new to this party (first, hello & welcome. what took ya so long?) Edie was known as the "It Girl" of 1965... my FAVORITE YEAR! She was an Andy Warhol superstar, a socialite, and trendsetter. She had a very troublesome childhood and life in general... it is very sad and very interesting I suggest you check that out sometime! If someone knows any good documentaries hit a girl up too!

As she is to many, Edie is a huge style inspiration to me! I love her layers that she piles on; the jewelry, jackets, and patterns! She is elegant with a free spirited innocent twist! Oh my goodness, and how could you forget about her makeup! She did a mod makeup look but more intense which I think was used similarly to Twiggy with the short cut that they both rocked. I have always admired Edie's gorgeous statement earrings that were part of her signature look too. Knowing that, you can probably imagine how excited I was when I received this pair from Steve Sasco, a celebrity jewelry designer who happens to have an amazing collection called the Factory Girl Collection which is totally inspired by Edie Sedgwick and her iconic accessories. These are just as lovely in person as pictured on the website and they are made so well. They're totally iconic and I am loving it! They will definitely be accompanying me when I go to the Netherlands in about two weeks!

I also thought they looked perfect with this mod dress I picked up for $3 while thrifting! What do you think? I get a lot people saying I look like I walked out of an Austin Powers movie and finally I can say I understand that comment now that I am wearing this ;) I just need a little more volume in my hair!

I will be wearing these a lot! This outfit, or a version of, will be featured in my lookbook that I will film for youtube and have up by next week so keep an eye out! I will show you everything I got thrifting last night and one way that I'll style it as well!

Lots of love as always!

Dev xx

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