Pre Tour Prep & Party

It's so crazy to me how fast time flies sometimes and others every minute creeps by. You know what's crazier? How it can change between those two extremes in a single moment. This last week here at our place has been a little taste of chaos. Somehow it is already 2018 and that means Andrew has his first European tour! Well that new year snuck up on us, didn't it! It became clear all of a sudden that he was leaving... and very soon... for a very long. He comes back on March 14th!

As I am sure you can imagine, we were a little frantic trying to race to get everything finished before he had to fly out (which was today, boo). It always seemed so distant before but then it was there and it was only getting closer. All at once we had a million things to finish, work wise for him so he can continue releasing youtube videos while he's there and also a lot around the house to make sure I would be ok without him. Very sweet. Then other things happened this week which is a great way to kick off 2018, but that's for later! We ended up spending the majority of our time preparing for the trip and saved Friday (last night) for some time together not working. We started our day off by me giving Andrew a haircut because it was getting long and this was the last chance for a while! Then we headed over to his grandparents' house for a surprise goodbye after we dropped a couple guitars off at a friend's that we borrowed. We couldn't stay long though because I had a photoshoot to do with Uriah Young (@uriah_forest on Instagram), who was up visiting Chicago with some friends from Chattanooga. We did our shoot at a conservatory with all these huge plants which was a very cool! 5p.m. rolled around and we had to run to a dinner send off party for the guys in the band. All of the wives and girlfriends were there too, it was a very fun time with great food (@ Ground Control in Logan Square!!!) Once dinner was finished and everyone split up for the night Andrew and I had some time to kill. You see, we had plans but at 11p.m. and it was only like 8:30! Luckily my friend, Haley (@groovy.haley), happened to text me as we were trying to figure out where to go until Lucille Furs would be playing at Schubas. We went and boogied with Haley at a party for a bit and then she ended up coming to Schubas with us because Brendan got her on the guest list with Andrew and I since the show was sold out (bless! thanks, Besdan). The show was very fun and I ended up running into multiple people that knew my page so that was cool as well! We hung out downstairs for a bit before bailing back home to end our evening, kind of becasue Andrew still had to transfer some files so we stayed up for that.

What do you know? Rise & shine it is Saturday morning! Flight day. We had a slow morning since the flight wasn't until 6p.m. Quieter than usual though and it was pretty clear what the both of us were thinking about. There was no more pretending at this point because we had to pack up and get all his things together to leave. We just sat there for a while being big babies before finally leaving. I will be making a trip over there but that thought wasn't very comforting to either of us at the time. We just like to be together. I dropped him off at O'hare by 3:30 and the next time I will see him will be in a whole new country! Now I have been sitting in the studio writing all night trying to lose track of time. It worked because I didn't think I'd still be awake but they'll be landing in about an hour. I am so excited for the guys with this whole opportunity, and to be traveling soonish to see them! I have a good feeling about this year. (photos below)

Lots of Love,

Dev x

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