NYE - Going into 2018

Hello 2018! I feel like 2017 hasn't even started yet but if you insist! Andrew and I started our new years eve night off at a bar in Lincoln Square to watch a friend play in a band that Andrew had been wanting to see for a while! After the show we went to see another friend who was at a house party literally just down the street so that worked out perfectly! We had one photo taken at the party and here it is! Everyone loved that coat. It's a showstopper!

NYE was fun of course, but it left me totally exhausted! Andrew and I stayed home all New Years day and worked on our separate projects. Although, it wasn't until that evening that I stepped outside to find a package on the doorstep which I knew could only be one thing--- my package from the giveaway that Gunner and Lux, Oui Fresh, and Love & Lion had collaborated on! I was super excited to win, originally, just for the Oui Fresh flower sunglasses! I hadn't even heard of the other two companies before this contest, but I was just as thrilled about their contributions to the giveaway when I read what was included. Not only did I finally get to sport these groovy shades but I also got a lip gloss from Oui Fresh which smells SO GOOD and is such a nice soft feeling on your lips! Love & Lion is a really cool shop that sells temporary tattoos on Etsy along with other items that you should check out too! They sent really cute party temporary tattoos and winged eyeliner ones that I am very excited to play with! Then, Gunner and Lux  had added the most adorable necklace with a mini disco ball and a little pink star pendant that says "disco dance club"! Did I mention there was also an actual disco ball about the size of my head!? Thanks again to all three of these businesses! 

I wish you all the absolute best for 2018! Go be the best you! I LOVE YOU! I know that to some people New Years doesn't matter--- but don't be a bummer! It's a reason to celebrate!  

Lots of love,

Dev x

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