Christmas in Wisconsin

They say there's no place like home for the holidays and they're right! This year, my first year really being away from my family on the holidays, I was fortunate enough to go back home for Christmas to celebrate with my family! Andrew and I decided that it is best for us both to go visit our own families over the holidays at this moment in our life and that we can make trips to each other's side before the actual holiday so we still get to visit everyone! Makes our lives easier and everyone is happy!

This year my grandmother on my dad's side was hosting Christmas at her house the 23rd. I left Chicago that morning headed to little old Ridgeland, WI. The majority of my childhood memories occur in this small village in north western WI which is home to 270-some people, five of which include my immediate family and thats not counting cousins, grandparents, great aunts & uncles, etc. It's a really tight community up there as you can imagine. If you somehow have never heard of this town you'd better crawl out from under that rock you've been living beneath! Nah, no one ever knows where it is (for obvious reasons but hey some people aren't too keen on sarcasm) but in case you're curious but not quite curious enough to look it up yourself here you go!

(Boop!) We are about an hour and a half from the twin cities up in that neck of the woods which was exactly my next stop for that day once I ditched my car at my parents place because grandma lives in St. Paul. At Grandma Candy's house we had a great big meal with my dads brother and his wife and kids. Hannah, Emily, and Alex are my cousins from that chunk of family tree and I must say we always have a great time together. Hannah and I are very similar... and very similar to our dads who were both trouble together for my poor grandma that got to try and parent them haha! I'd say we just like to have a good time but people always try and put a negative spin on things, don't they? ;) Any who, we opened presents and played an aggressive game of Uno, as my family always does. Fun for all ages! Later that night Kristian and I made a visit to that hunting cabin (mentioned in my birthday blog) for another party but this time the propane for heat was out, it was like negative 22 degrees, and there was a mishap with the window on the door... you see old windows were just a single pane of glass, none of that double pane business and one gentleman decided to forcefully put his palm against said window which caused it to shatter. Don't worry though... they covered it with a blanket to keep out the wind!

On Christmas Eve we went to church in the morning which was a little different because normally we would go at night on Christmas Eve. Later that evening, my mom's mother, Grandma Ruby, and Grandpa Mike, my dad's father, came over for appetizers, drinks, and Zuppa Toscana. I made Hot Buttered Jamies for my mom, grandmother, and I which where super easy and yummy! Then, we opened our Christmas presents--- thats right on CHRISTMAS EVE because we enjoy watching the world burn! Of course, we hid the Christmas Pickle on the tree and I was the winner this year! Woooooo! Now you're probably saying, "Christmas pickle? Those Severson's they're wild. Hanging pickles on a tree?!" But just click that underlined snipit and you can read all about the Christmas Pickle! Although, I refuse to believe it's not an actual German tradition. When I read that it felt almost whole life has been a lie. Who am I? What is the purpose of life? So we will just repress those thoughts and go on like I never read that bit.

Christmas morning we all woke up and went downstairs to enjoy the pop-overs my mom had prepared for breakfast while opening our stockings. Later that day my dad made a big meal for everyone. My cousins, Traci and Derek, came over and Grandpa Mike too! After eating way too much we played the 7-11 game,a game with dice and lots of little gifts in the middle. We are a little competitive in this family! The remainder of my time with my family we watched movies and all cuddled up in the living room under big warm blankets.

Vintage green velvet dress- From my lovely friend, Nancy @the_led_head

Boots-T.J. Maxx

Jacket- Thrifted

Purse- Vintage from Lula Vintage in St. Paul, MN

Lipcolor- Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in Socialite

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and that you're now planning how to kick serious ass in 2018! This is your year! Go get em tiger & like my mom said to me when I left to move to Chicago--- go be fabulous!

so much love,

Dev X

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