The Fortunate Sons @ House of Blues

The last show before Andrew leaves for Holland. The idea of him being so far away for so long is really surreal to me and has always seemed very distant until recently when The Fortunate Sons (the band that Andrew will be touring with) played there last show in the U.S. until March 2018! Seriously insane, but there couldn't have been a better venue for such an occasion. The House of Blues in downtown Chicago is more than 5 floors (we are guessing 8 but ?) high and looks like a southern bohemian styled opera house.

Before the show I went with some of the other S.O.'s of band members to the Bar Louie around the corner to get a drink and hand out some free tickets we had. The guys played great that night and everyone loved the show! After they finished a Tom Petty tribute band from Nashville was playing so we grabbed some beers and found the opera box that was reserved for the band and thats where we pretty much hung out until Jeff (the drummer/ manager of Fortunate Sons) came into the box saying that for their very, very last song the Tom Petty band will be playing a Christmas song and they wanted the Fortunate Sons to come up and do it with them. Although, Jeff also insisted on having us girlfriends/ wives go up with them even if we didn't know the song because they didn't either! So, the Tom Petty fella said in a low voice, "Paging the Fortunate Sons." into the microphone and we all went running up to the stage and sung along with them for the las part of the show.

We had thought the night was over but really there was an after party upstair which was just calling our name that night. Andrew and I were having a good time and we both had thought the excitement was about over until we came across a tight hallway that led back to a slightly shrunken door that was cracked open. We peeked inside to see two men sitting on couches across from each other. Startled, I moved away from the room but the people in the room motioned for us to come in so we huddled into this beautifully decorated room sort of hidden away from the rest of the party. We all introduced ourselves and our two new friends had us order drinks. We didn't stay too long but the conversation that was had in the time spent there was great. One of our new friends was a photographer for many concerts and the other was someone fairly important to the HOB (for the sake of this man's privacy). Leaving for home that night at about 2am I felt very inspired by the style and atmosphere. I love that the art inside a HOB is African American folk art and its all so unique. I love all the detail put into the interior design and that's really what made this place stand out from the rest, IMO. Even the bathrooms here where grand and marvelous! Coming to this show definitely gave me a better idea of how I'd like my house to be decorated. 

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Lotsa, lotsa love,

Dev X

P. S. My cousin thought I should share the haiku I wrote to her in a Snapchat today:

Mountains on my face.  

Period cramps make me die. 

This is a haiku. 

Thank you & God bless 

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