21st Birthday Bash

As of last Wednesday, December 13th, I am 21 years old which means I am able to drink but more importantly that I don’t have a pesky age restriction holding me back from many gigs or making it  quite difficult to get in. A little sadness comes with this day, though, I must admit. However, my birthday was spectacular and I loved celebrating it with everyone! 

The night before my birthday we (our roommates, Daniel and Neil, and Andrew & I) were all chatting and it came up that we should go out to the bar when midnight rolls around. We were all down, so when it was finally 12 o’clock we went to a little local bar with only a few people inside. The decorations were quite festive, and by that I mean like a zillion ornements hung from the ceiling! When we went to the bar and ordered our drinks I didn’t even get carded! Sad, but it was all good because we chatted with the bartender and did a couple shots. When the bar was closing, we headed out on a quest for wine but what we discovered was that the places in these parts only sell alcohol until 2 a.m. And I also discovered Neil is willing to pay a lot for a bottle of wine haha ;) !!! We realized we weren’t going to be successful that night so we headed back home, and also because Andrew and I were about to pee our pants! No alcohol & no public bathrooms. We got home…barely. I ran inside while Andrew just used the grass. There was no time for waiting! After that we just kinda jammed to some music before calling it for the night at 4. 

Now it was really my birthday! Andrew set aside the day to spend together and I am sure you can imagine we spent a good part of that day sleeping since we were out late. When we did get up, Andrew made bacon and toast for breakfast and we had our tea and coffee. We went to the city that afternoon and drove around looking at all the different houses and shops. It was finally getting dark so we looked for a place to park so that we could go to the Christkindlmarket and look around. Let me tell you, it was so cold. The wind was insane and blowing all of the things hanging in the little shops! It made looking around very difficult but we did manage to stop and grab some chocolate before ducking into some courtroom that other people seemed to be seeking shelter in as well. We decided to bail on the cold and go get some pasta! The rest of the night was spent at home binge watching some Netflix in a big blanket!

Then on Friday night Andrew and I headed to Wisconsin but our first stop was to see a work friend of his play in a band at a bar down the street from us. We stayed for one drink and then took off for Madison! We finally reached Madison, although it was about 2 a.m. and the two of us were beat so we pulled off for the night and continued our trip in the morning.  When we got to my parents' place we sat around chatting and eating dinner before my grandma showed up and thats when we went to the bar down the street where we met up with my cousin and her husband. Later on we all went back to have chocolate boozy cupcakes that my mom made and play uno for my birssssshday celebration with the fam. (If you're into cooking, baking, and homemaking check out my moms insta. shes super creative and basically a queen @sunshineandpansies). When everyone went home and my parents were going to bed Andrew and I decided to go to a party that my brother, Kristian, and his friends were having at a hunting cabin. Kristian sent us coordinates of the cabin to get there and the GPS wouldn't even direct us all the way back there! The cabin was packed full and buzzing with conversation and music. Everyone was bummed when Andrew didn't bring his guitar to the party haha they wanted to hear some AC/DC. I think the two of us may have been a tad overdressed since I was in my big faux fur coat while everyone else was rockin the jeans, cowboy boots, and sweatshirt look. I always like going to parties like that. They know how to have real fun! On Sunday we got up and went to church bright and early. While we were there I got to meet the couple that will be working in the new location along with my parents and they were great! The husband actually was doing the message that day so we got to hear what he had to say. That night we went back to the house and watched Christmas movies like Elf and The Grinch until we were all ready for bed. The next morning is when we got up and finally started our drive back to Chi-town. 

I don't feel any older, for a second I thought I did but nah. I had a great party with all my friends and family, and a big thank you for all the birthday wishes from everyone! You're all too sweet & wonderful! Thank you!!!

Love Dev XO

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