All That Glitters Is Gold

Greetings! I have recently been swept up in a whirlwind of inspiration and ideas for projects that I want to do. I don't know what it is, but it's welcomed with open arms from me! I really hope it last too because it would be great to have plenty to keep me busy while Andrew is on tour...which he is leaving for really soon actually! We are buying my plane ticket sometime this week! I think I get especially inspired when December rolls around because all of the lights, decorations, and other forms of holiday cheer. Also--- it's my birth month! It will be my birthday in three days, actually. Strange to think I will finally be 21. No more sneaking into venues for me which is relieving but also sad because that takes away part of the fun ya know!? You've gotta be creative! Anyway... I'm inspired... right.

Andrew had a show on Friday night, the first one I've been able to see in a while! I was super excited and it was Dear John which I hadn't seen in an especially long time! I started planning what I was going to wear earlier on in the day because I like to think of the outfit I put on in the morning more as a base to work with. I'll add things and change others as the day goes on--- I really like to do this with my makeup too! All day long I was thinking and thinking, I felt so stuck creatively until I looked at my shoes to get inspiration which is when my eyes fell on my brown platform sandals (from Forever 21 nothing fancy) which I had painted flowers on during the summer. What I really was in the mood to strut around in that night was a sparkly pair of platforms... sigh... if only I had the cash to do so. Oh, but wait! Sometimes these rough times bring out good in you! I know if I had had the extra cash I would have just gone out and purchased those shoes to wear that night, but even though that wasn't an option for me I decided to make do with what I had. I grabbed those flowery hippie platforms I had embellished and began brainstorming the makeover. Naturally, glitter was the key ingredient so I grabbed my silver and gold planning to mix the two together so I could easily do either as the main color of the outfit I pair them with. I also wanted to paint them black (Stones shout out, what?!) to get a fresh take on the fake wooden look they had going at the moment. So I found our black paint which stated it works for wood, glass, and enamels but I was willing to take a shot! I just put a thin layer of paint on the shoes including the straps and any part of the sandal my foot wouldn't cover while I was wearing them. Then I started to add a second coat of black paint section by section sprinkling on the mixture of glitters before the paint dried down. Warning: this was extremely messy, but a pretty mess and if your roommate, S.O., parental guardian, pet, etc won't be ultra ticked if there is glitter on everything you own for the rest of eternity then go for it. If you live alone then proceed at your own risk but you can't say I didn't warn you. Below I will have the WAY before photo meaning a really shitty photo I found that was of the platforms before I painted the flowers onto them. Mind you, I did say really shitty like I'm in a cave or something! Then I will have a photo of them with the flowers right before this last redesigning which will be shown in the last photo(s).

Tip from Yours Truly: giving her a good shake to remove any excess glitter is highly recommended after ensuring the paint has dried. I did finish them in time to wear them to the show and the glitter held up very well! It was perfect because it really snowed here that night too so it was extra pretty. Oh, and let me just say I was wearing tights and chunky socks with these but yes still shivering...sometimes you have to suffer for the look and that's just a fact. I'll probably be wearing these out for my birthday again, but this time with even thicker socks and my big faux fur! Probably some ripped tights as well mostly because somehow I've managed to destroy them all but also because I kinda dig the look! To be totally honest with you I'm probably going to be going back over the shoes with another layer of glitter but this time painting it with Mod Podge or my own homemade knock off of that... just to get a little more if you get me, and then I'll go over it again as a sealant over top of the last layer. Seriously though, I do love them! While I was in the process of writing this I noticed I personalize a lot of shoes and it's something that I really like to do. I am super, super picky when it comes to my shoes that I wear and it is hard for me to find what I am looking for most of the time so I end up doing a little DIY with ones that I feel have potential. If you're interested in seeing my other personalized pieces just let me know by dropping me a message on here or Instagram or giving this post a like! I'd be happy to share with you all! I hope you're all livin' life like you should! Keep it groovy.

Dev xox

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