Christmas Season in Chicago

Growing up in a small town I always dreamed of Christmas in a big city. The movies can make it out to be such a magical time with the city all lit up and holiday spirit in every direction you look. This being said I am sure you can understand the excitement I feel now that I'm living right by Chicago! Well Andrew and I had time on Friday night to go downtown and see what was up and we had my little brothers project from school to do... Max is my brother who is 9 now and in school they are doing a project called "Flat Stanley". Anyway, the point is the kids in the class get to choose where they want to send their Flat Stanley and he goes on a little journey to see different friends/family members who aren't local. Well we got picked to be on Max's list and of course had to bring Stanley downtown with us.

We had originally planned this trip downtown to skate in the ice rink at Millennium Park but ended up just walking around looking at all the beautiful lights the city had set up. It is really cool to see the buildings in the festive green and red! We did walk past Cloud Gate (the Bean) and listen to the carolers for a bit before moving on to the big Christmas tree! It was beautiful... We snapped some photos with Stan the flat man and then somehow ended up going the total opposite direction of the ice rink. I really didn't mind though; I loved walking around and this detour gave us the opportunity to get some photos of Stanley with the lions outside of the Art Institute! When we turned ourselves around and got to the rink we were really surprised that the rink was a ribbon! Very cool designing! Andrew got us a chocolate dipped peanut butter infused s'more to share (healthy I know but it was so good!). I mean you've gotta live a little, right? Then we made our way back home for the night because we are like the elderly and needed to watch Better Call Saul. <3 to be continued.. :)

Jumping ahead to Sunday night--- I'm sitting here now at 10:00 pm exactly working on the end half of this blog because six hours ago Andrew came over to me as I was typing and said that we should go do something tonight. Something I can add to this post. I was stoked. So I got up and changed 5 times, like a normal person does before they're happy, while Andrew finished up his work before he swept me off to our night out. We first stopped to grab some dinner and while we waited for our pizza that took a little bit long to come out, we got bored and tried watching Better Call Saul via the Netflix app. It would have worked but we didn't have headphones. PSA: Giordano's Pizza is way better than Lou Malnati's remember that one, kids. Carrying on, Sir Bockelman and I took another stab at the whole ice skating deal but to no avail. We walked up to the building and decided it looked a little crowded... more crowded than Friday night and this time an abundance of small children. We dodge this disaster waiting to happened and decided we would just come back... and that time I will wear pants. We both really wanted to walk into Old Town and go by the river which was decorated so beautifully. It ended up being a great little walk since the weather is unusually warm at the moment, but don't let that fool you because the wind was still strong enough to about blow me right on my back! Haha! We stopped for a coffee on our way back and inside were three photographers sitting at a table. As we were in line one of them came up to me and said that they were all photographers and asked to take my photo because he thought I had a cool look. I was blushing and a windswept mess but this was such a nice gesture. Especially since I had been kind of self conscious previous to this encounter tonight. I was wearing my big fluffly coat and whenever I do I kind of get looks but you know whateverrr! Tonight I just let it get to me but then that happened which was a nice little reminder that if you're doing something different and original there are always going to be people raising their eyebrows and scoffing but just smile back and continue with confidence. There will be people who appreciate the breath of fresh air that you carry.

(photos below)

keep it comin, love

xx Dev

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