Dev's Top Grooves - November 2017

Greeting friends! I got back from Wisconsin alright after visiting my family and have been thrown right back into the chaos of life. Since I have been back, Andrew and I finished a massive painting project we took on, I got to visit a friend in the city (Hi Eleanor!!!), met up with Elisabeth to discuss some exciting news that we can share at a later date, and now tomorrow Andrew and I are putting time aside for each other after this week of task after task. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving if you celebrate, and if not I hope you ate good food and had fun anyway! I got my blood results back from going to the doctor while I was up and apparently everything is fine... which is good but it doesn't explain whats going on yet. Iron was fine, potassium fine, thyroid fine, blood sugar fine... they aren't really sure what happened but since it got really bad I made a pretty dramatic change in my diet, started taking daily vitamins and eating small amounts through the day and I am a lot better I feel like. I know it's so hard you guys but honestly take care of yourself. I'm such a hypocrite because I am BAD at it but eat healthy stuff through the day. When you get busy and aren't home it is difficult but I think my "I'll eat when I get home" mentality is what got me all messed up in the first place, and I just ignored it and didn't change anything until it got to that. Enough being your mother...

Many people have asked if I have Spotify, which has been a no, so I thought since today is the last day of November I would go ahead and make a list of 20 songs for this past month that have been my go to jams and some I'm probably rocking to right now! If you all like it and would like to see more posts like this maybe I can do it every month! Let me know & enjoy, my dears! (in no particular order. link to playlist at the bottom!)

Dev's Top Grooves - November 2017

1. Arthur, The Kinks

2. Last Christmas on Planet Earth, Palma Violets

3. Gimme Good Lovin', Crazy Elephant

4. The Village Green Preservation Society, The Kinks

5. (If You Think You're) Groovy, The Small Faces with P.P. Arnold

6. Pump It Up, Elvis Costello & The Attractions

7. Magic Carpet Ride, Steppenwolf

8. Parties in the U.S.A., Jonathan Richman

9. Jive Talkin', Bee Gees

10. The Letter, The Box Tops

11. You Do Something to Me, The Kinks

12. Mony Mony, Tommy James & The Shondells

13. Don't Burst My Bubble, The Small Faces

14. Why Didn't You Say That?, The Lemon Twigs

15. Oogum Boogum Song, Brenton Wood

16. A Lover's Concerto, The Toys

17. Tighten Up, Pt. 1, Archie Bell & The Drells

18. Can't Seem to Make You Mine, The Seeds

19. Baby Blaise, Lucille Furs

20. Sweet Jane, Lou Reed (In The Beginning There Was...Punk)

Listen here

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