St. Paul, MN Exploration

Where I grew up in Wisconsin we are only 1 hour and 30 minutes (roughly) from the Twin Cities, and that may seem like quite the haul to many of you but for us in the boonies an hour drive is nothing! That being said, we drove to the cities fairly often for the fun & excitement that St. Paul and Minneapolis had to offer when I was living at home. Since I’m back in town for Thanksgiving, paying a visit to the old playing ground was a must!

We started off our day by stopping at the Como Park Conservatory. The park also has a zoo, but it’s rather cold outside so we stuck to the fake tropical climate that has been created for the lush vegetation inside. This is always a fun stop if you’re in the Twin Cities and it’s donation only as well as the zoo! We made our way through the rich greenery from all over the world, in complete awe of the beauty nature holds. Hidden in the gardens are fountains and koi ponds which make the atmosphere all the more relaxing. Here’s a tip if you plan on going: if it’s cold outside wear layers— it is a tad steamy in there and I had to shed my sweater and coat once we were walking around.

Our next stop was the St. Paul Cathedral which was as breathe taking as I imagined. I really love religious art and architecture of churches. I find it interesting. I can remember being so fascinated in the design of Catholic Churches when we covered that topic in my art history lecture. I’m not Catholic so I really don’t know what a lot of it means to be honest, but it is still beautiful! The enormous structure loomed over us against the grey sky and the statues seemed to be watching our every move as we walked closer to the massive wooden doors. Inside our footsteps echoed through large rooms as our heels clicked on the marble floors. It was completely silent besides the clicking which cut through to your ears like it was magnified 10 times. We all whispered the entire time we were in the building, afraid to end the voicelessness. Although there wasn’t any conversation to be heard we were not alone. A woman sat by herself in a pew towards the back of the chapel and there were a few people lighting candles around the statues of Saints but still silence. Apparently JFK attended church here and I can see why. The entire building is a work of art but I took plenty of photos so you all can view for yourselves!

Before we headed home for the day we stopped at Caribou Coffee & Einstein Bros Bagels for a quick snack. Then us girls ran into H&M for Freja who needs some jeans while the boys sat in the car... that kid is growing like crazy! We all had a great day together and jammed the entire drive back to the house. It’s always good to be home.

Xox Dev

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