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Hello dears! I've gone shopping twice recently and found some amazing vintage pieces to add to my wardrobe! I am going to blame this on me needing a little retail therapy after some stressful events floating around my life right now. No worries though because I am going to take things day by day and do what I do, and I know what is supposed to happen will so there is no reason to stress over things. Anyway, retail therapy is just an excuse.. I would have bought these items stress or no stress, let's be real here!

A couple weeks ago Elisabeth and I went to our favorite spot for vintage in Chicago: Pilsen! We love Pilsen because there are two great shops just a short walk away from each other, both with a phenomenal selection of pieces from many eras! I can honestly say I've never had a hard time finding something I like at either shop, the real issue I have is deciding what to actually buy out of the things that I have picked up while browsing. Elisabeth and I pulled up to Pilsen Vintage in my little white beetle and hurried through the door to escape the chilly weather. The two of us meandered through the racks of clothes where I found a beautiful 60's mini dress which was exactly what I wanted for this Thanksgiving--- purple velvet! I love how it resembles Daphne Blake's dress (Scooby-Doo) and to match that theme I found a green scarf in the $1 bucket (not pictured because it's at home and I'm out of state visiting family)! Elisabeth found a metallic button up shirt which will be perfect since we really want to form a Bee Gees cover band for the Chicago area, but it have female singers. Cool, right? With our new purchases in hand, we headed down the sidewalk to Very Best Vintage. I tried on the cutest 1970's faux suede purple skirt, I love purple if you couldn't tell, but ended up deciding on a magical pair of 1960's gold shoes which will be perfect for the holidays! When I saw these shoes let me just tell you it was love at first sight! I was super relieved that they were my size too! Elisabeth tried on a some very groovy red floral pants which she got (if she didn't I was going to sob because they are so her), and another top that you probably would have seen on the dance floor at Studio 54. As we paid for our items we were chatting with the shop owner who is super sweet and has a very cool style. We told her about our Bee Gees project and she brought out these shoes that must have been sent from Heaven above. These shoes, these gorgeous 70's wooden platform shoes with the silver glittery straps will haunt my dreams forever. I tried them on practically holding my breathe because I was so nervous. Sadly, no go. Why were the humans so tiny then? Elisabeth wears a smaller size of shoe than I do so I made her try them on, naturally, but still the shoes were too narrow. This is a message to anyone with the same shoe size as a toddler: go to Very Best Vintage, ask to see the platforms in the glass case, and you buy them and cherish them for the rest of your life!

Now this last Thursday I was able to drive up to see my family and surprise them since they thought I was coming on Monday (tomorrow). They live up in a very rural town in north western Wisconsin which is where I grew up. Some of you know my love for vintage goes way back, meaning I had to find places to buy vintage clothes up here where you have to drive 40 minutes just to find a Walmart! Not an easy task but not impossible. I can remember the joy I felt when my mom told me about the new store that opened up in the town where I worked since they sold vintage clothes! The shop is located in Rice Lake, WI and is called Moongate! Upstairs the store is filled with modern clothes, jewelry, and other accessories while the basement is a vintage wonderland with a small selection of mens vintage on the far side next to the clothing put on sale. My mom and I were able to go to Rice Lake on Friday and visit multiple shops on main street including a couple antique stores as well as Moongate! Walking down the stairs and seeing all the clothes really brought back memories for me and I was happy to stroll along the familiar clothing racks. Not only does this store have a great selection of vintage but the prices are very reasonable (perks of not shopping in a city). My mom found a long coat with a very interesting texture and big bold buttons that I got for her and she looks adorable. She is a vintage lover like me, but less with fashion and more interior design; although she does like vintage fashion she just doesn't wear it like I do. So, I thought the coat would be the perfect addition to her wardrobe since it could be easily styled with modern clothing and she looks absolutely adorable in it. I was trying to not buy anything for myself but then I saw a really cute pink turtleneck and we all know how much I love them! Plus, it was only $10 and the light pink rose printed scarf I got to wear with it was just $3. I figured I would use them enough, especially with the cold weather... I hate my neck/ chest being cold (something I got from my mom). If you're ever up in the north woods stop in to Moongate and check out the basement, you won't be disappointed!

Well, thats all folks! I have the photos of my items below, as well as my moms coat (not the best quality because the sun went down... boooo). I hope this is helpful to those looking for vintage shops in either of these areas or that it inspires you to go out and hunt for your own vintage treasures! Be you, be creative, be inspiring to others with your individuality and confidence!

Lots of love always,

Dev x

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