It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Recently I've went out for a little shopping day with my friend and Andrew's sister, Elisabeth. You saw on my last post the polka dot waist coat and my new favorite white top with a gorgeous ruffled collar and cuffs at the end of each sleeve. Besides those two amazing pieces I found at Very Best Vintage, we had also stumbled into Pilsen Vintage which was filled with killer finds, like the blue and purple 1960s mini dress I found. I fell so in love with this piece when I found it that I didn't even try it on and figured I'd have to do some hemming only to be happily surprised when I tried it on at home that it fit perfectly! I feel like it can be really hard to find cool vintage dresses that aren't a longer length or way too short for the women of my height. Anyway, I was so inspired by this dress that I had to incorporate my makeup into this stunning color scheme. This dress was honestly so empowering to me; I feel so 60s in it and so me (you know that feeling?). So heres the look I created and Ill briefly explain the products I used/ recommend for bold looks such as this!

So here it is! I used a teal for the crease thats used as an accent color in the dress and I am a huge fan of color blocking so I thought orange would be a fantastic addition to this color scheme we've got going. Now products specific to the eye look that I used: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Edgy Emerald which I used a brush to apply but for all over the lid your finger is your best pal. Then, I took a flat brush and grabbed my super white concealer which is Glamoflauge from Hard Candy... now I didn't /just/ grab the white color because I'm super pale, it also works as an insane eyeshadow primer especially when you want to carve out a sharp line or use bright colors (both of which done here). I used that on my lid and made a nice clean line where I wanted the orange. The orange color is a mix of Innocent, Whimsy, and Mod from the Tarteist Pro palette. To highlight the brow bone I used Vintage from that same Tarte palette and probably then put the orange color I made under my lower lash line. You think I'm done, right? Think again. MORE BLUE. I decided this teal was not loud enough so I got out my bright aqua eyeshadow (color name???) from Maybelline and blended that over the already teal crease--- this was good; it matched my dress better. I went crazy and did my winged liner with just a liquid form Revlon (colorstay skinny liner), I usually use a gel for the main line across the lid for transfer reasons and its way easier to make a long straight line with. But it seems like I wanted to live on the edge that day. Love my Lash Paradise from L'Oreal so you know I used that. And with big looks like this I love to wear lashes, any kind will do! Oh, I put some of the blue from Maybelline under my lower lash line too, just in a more concentrated area compared to the orange. Face makeup, whatever. I hate it, do whatever you want. I just used a little foundation to cover dark circles and clean up my eyeshadow, and put on blush! & fini!

Here's the full look, I have way too much fun with these glasses from Collective Clothing, I ordered two pairs, one yellow and one blue, so Andrew and I could wear them together and look like a groovy 60s couple. For this look I wore the blue ones, of course! My tights are from Target, shoes I thrifted, dress is vintage from Pilsen Vintage (as stated earlier)!

Songs for some blue inspired days:

Baby Blue - Badfinger

Bell Bottom Blues - Eric Clapton

Blue Skies - Willie Nelson

Blue Sunday - The Doors

Blue, Red, and Grey - The Who

Devil With the Blue Dress On- Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels

For You Blue - The Beatles

Crystal Blue Persuasion - Tommy James & The Shondelles

Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

Runnin' Blue - The Doors

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - Crosby, Stills & Nash

Tangled Up In Blue - Bob Dylan

love, Dev xx

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