One Year Anniversary Spectacular

Last Friday, September 15th, was Andrew and I's one year anniversary. Looking back it's really crazy how much happened in one whole year and how things have started blossoming. Last summer, I would have never guessed how everything would turn around. I'm so thrilled to have Andrew in my life and can't wait to see what the future holds for us! We had originally planned to go to Six Flags because I've never been, but the day before I had been on the website to make sure of times and whatever, only to discover they were only open on Saturday and Sunday! I quickly texted Andrew to let him know! We had agreed on just doing something fun together rather than getting gifts, so we needed to come up with a new plan for the day. Friday came along and Andrew and I got ready for the day bright and early. I gave Andrew a card and he surprised me with chocolate and an unfinished card that he was making when I came through the door the night before from being at work and he had to hide it. The card was titled "One Year Anniversary Spectacular" and that was it hahah! I love it, to be honest. We got out of the house and stopped to get coffee to share from Dunkin' Donuts (our favorite iced macchiato) as we hunted down a Freshii--- in case you aren't familiar with the establishment, Freshii is a heath centered kind of like fast food. I love, love their powerhouse smoothie (I think thats the name) but haven't had one since last year this time when I lived in Appleton, WI for a month there was one pretty close to my house and I would always go with my mom. Andrew was so sweet, he looked so hard to find the ones closest to us (still 15 min away) and we showed up only to find it in a Target, unfinished... So, we took off to one that was like 10 min away, and sure enough the same thing. I was ready to give up, but Andrew saw a Jamba Juice nearby that we could go to instead. After getting our smoothies, we decided to go to Glencoe which is a cute little village on the northern side of Chicago that happens to be right by Lake Michigan and the Chicago Botanical Gardens. We explored the downtown for a bit and then headed to the Botanical Gardens which were beautiful! The rest of the day we spent at other parks by Lake Michigan, having a blast and enjoying the day.

We both would like to say thank you to everyone who wished us a happy anniversary! All your words mean so much and we love you all! I didn't get a full shot of this outfit that day but I'll have to for you all! I was wearing my "new" vintage top and 60s polka dot vest that added much needed pockets to my attire! Scored them both last week at Very Best Vintage in Chicago. Thank you all, again for everything & remember what James Taylor told us, "Shower the people you love with love"! Love, Dev xx

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