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Hey everyone! I get asked a lot how I dress vintage all the time. First off, let me tell you it didn't start out as an everyday deal for me. I had just moved back to Wisconsin from Missouri and I was going to a new school so I decided to do what I wanted as far as my fashion went. So a couple weeks before school started I went shopping for new clothes with my mom. At this point, I didn't know a lot about dressing vintage or the styling of it all. I had always admired vintage clothes though and I picked out items, specifically, that reminded me of things I had seen in old photos. Being a 15yr old I didn't really think about getting true vintage, plus thats would be hard to keep nice AND it would be very expensive to just go and buy a bunch at a time. So, for those of you who may be starting out or have already get a good jump on your vintage wardrobe but are looking for other tips I am here to share my method for finding things that look vintage.

Personally, I like having basics and good staple items that aren't vintage because they're more practical. As much as I adore putting on a dress & shoes from the 60s, it can make life kind of difficult (for me at least) because I feel like I need to be so careful with it all. I mean it is history in your hands, and they are just fragile items--- that don't come cheap typically. I feel like it is really easy to find items that can be styled as vintage, and they don't have to cost a lot; especially today, where a lot of the new clothes happen to have a 60s flare! So without further ado, my top 5 go to spots for some very reasonably priced vintage-looking clothing.

5. Zara - The clothes at Zara are typically priced pretty high, IMO, but if you're willing to drop some cash it's a great place to look for 60s inspired clothes. They don't advertise it as 60s inspired in any way, but the nod to the decade shines through with their block heels, babydoll dresses, and big boxy coats. I suggest looking in the sale section because you can really find some great deals! Last winter I scored a warm sweater style dress that reminded me of one Marianne Faithfull wore and I had been looking for something similar for a long time, plus is was over 50% off! My experience purchasing from here was great too! I got all of my items in perfect condition and it was pretty quick shipping. Check out their clothes to see if you find anything superb.

Marianne Faithfull in the dress that I mentioned above. Mine is just like this but all black & sparkly.

4. Modcloth - Mocloth is a great place to find cool, quirky pieces to add to your wardrobe and also happens to have a lot of decade inspired clothing. I love going on Modcloth because it's easy to find the vintage era you're looking for, you simply have to type it into the search bar and tons of clothes inspired by the style of that decade will pop up. This is also a great place for people that are easing into vintage because a lot of it can be styled in more of a modern fashion if you wanted. I have purchased one dress from the site that I wore for my junior year of high schools homecoming dance. I suggest always reading the reviews of items before you buy them...seriously, it may save your life. Again, they tend to be on the more expensive side for my budget at least. If you're looking for a mixture of decades to choose from, though, this is the place--- 20s through 70s (it may be more, I think they had some 90s stuff at one point), you can find it on Modcloth!

3. Forever 21 - I'll probably get some crap for this, but honestly I have found some really good stuff from here for cheap! It's definitely not the best quality and 95% of their things have some... interesting phrase/word on it but if you're really looking I promise you'll find something! Some of my favorite black turtlenecks are from Forever 21 and I have some cute collared shirts that are nice alone or layered with sweaters for chillier weather. Most of the things that I buy there end up being on sale or just are a really low price. Besides that being good for my bank account, it's also good for my creativity because I'm not so afraid of ruining the clothes and I tend to alter them and put my own flare on em! For example, I got the cutest pair of chunky platform sandals from Forever 21 and decided to paint pretty 70s style flowers on the sides to add some color and originality! (I always look for ways to make my clothes a little more "me" by adding a personal touch). I know they get a lot of hate and bs but you can find some cool stuff there (I usually shop in the Contemporary section, FYI).

2. Target - Ah everyone loves Target. Why is it so much better than Walmart? I don't know! It's more aesthetically pleasing (?), it isn't full of people in pajamas that they've been living in for the entire week toting around screaming toddlers (¿), it has Starbucks ?¿? You decide. Regardless, Target usually has some kick ass clothes! The Victoria Beckham line, lets all take a moment.... and now they have a new line out called A New Day. No joke, Andrew and I were shopping and headed toward the checkout when I spotted the cutest jacket in this line for only like $35! I'll definitely be returning to get that! It hasn't been just these past two lines that have been impressive, though. It seems like I always end up drifting to the clothing/shoe section when I need to go pick up something totally unrelated, like some groceries (how this happens I have no idea). Target always seems to have some great choices for tights too that end up being great quality for like 8 or 10 dollars; I have some pairs from like four years ago... they're worth it! I've linked the new clothing line below, be sure to check it out here or next time your in the store!

1. H&M - I love, love, love H&M to be completely honest. As I sit typing this my pants and shirt are both from H&M! As I was trying to place my favorite stores in a top 5 order I went through my closet and recalled where I had gotten everything, and found a good portion of my closet to be from H&M. All of my favorite high waisted pants are from H&M because they're actually long enough for my legs so they aren't an awkward "not quite pants, not quite capris but definitely waiting for the flood" length. I also have a couple favorite dresses that resemble a 60s mod style and another that looks very 70s disco! I know some people make jokes about H&M like they do about Forever 21 but I always find things that I like there and are a reasonable price, and nice quality. H&M has a unique look, kind of like Zara, but less expensive. I'm drawn to H&M because of the professional, classy look of their clothes that also looking stylish and bold. Let's not forget the accessories---some of my favorite hats are from there, I can usually find tight on sale for like $3, and I love their geometric jewelry... currently wearing earrings from H&M too. Anyway take a look! P.S. I happened to get my pink heart shaped sunglasses from here too!

I really hope this was helpful to those of you struggling to dress vintage for whatever reason. It really is something everyone can do, it just may take a little effort and creativity. Men- we haven't forgot about you in case there are any reading this! Andrew wanted me to be sure I mentioned that guys can find retro looking things at Western stores like his favorite one here in Chicago called Alcala's Western Wear. He wears classic style wrangler pants with a crease down the center and loves the vintage looking Western button up shirts. I found his 1960s corduroy Wrangler jacket on Etsy, but that's the kind of stuff you can find in stores like Alcala's. Be sure to shoot me a message if this was helpful! I'd love to see your vintage inspired finds!

Dev xx

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